Bet on Premier League Strikers Goal Figures!

Bet on Premier League Strikers Goal Figures

21, 25, 29. The numbers at the end of the season for Harry Kane keep improving. Currently on 8 goals, bet on Harry Kane to score more than 25! Check out the odds for the other top strikers too…

The Premier League is full of foreign talent coming into England and trying to make a name for themselves playing in the most competitive league in the world. However, the main headline maker over the past few years has been Harry Kane. His rise to the top really came out of nowhere and now, banging in goals week-in week-out for Tottenham, he’s brought the club to a new level. Online betting sites in the UK have set him a target of 25 goals, so given his previous tally’s, you can bet on Harry Kane to finish the season with at least 26. So what is the story behind the strikers’ success?

“More than 25? Easy-peasy” –Harry Kane

Unfortunately no, these are not the words of the goal poacher. As much as I would like to believe he said this, he didn’t. An ancient Arabic proverb says, “Let deeds not words be you adorning.” Hopefully, these are the thoughts Kane goes to sleep with every night to prove to the world his talent. At Unibet Sportsbook, the same odds of 17/20 are given for whether or not he will reach a target of more than 25.

Bet on Premier League strikers

Bet on the Premier League Strikers

Harry Kane (source:

Because of the diversity of the Premier League, we can take a look at the other strikers who have goals to reach, and score. By checking online sportsbook news in the UK, you’ll find that Sergio Aguero, the now all-time top goal scorer for Manchester City, has been banging in goals in the league every year consistently. According to Unibet Sportsbook, should Aguero score more than 22 goals, you can find odds of 17/20 like-wise should he underachieve. Last year, he got up to 20 goals but this season, with 8 goals in 8 games, the Argentine striker looks very likely to reach his all-time high of 26 in a season.

Finally, Romelu Lukaku. Following his transfer from Everton to the giant team Manchester United, last season’s total of 25 goals should come easier, because of the improvement of the squad around him. Should he score 23 goals, given that he’s currently on 7, you could make up to 7/10 profit on however much you place on the Belgian international. If he fails to do so, the odds are evens.

Bet on Harry Kane, Aguero and Lukaku

Even though Kane has a higher target to achieve, he hasn’t failed yet in a season by always reaching a minimum of 20. It’s unlikely that all 3 strikers will score over 20 but then again, this is sport, more specifically, football, even more so… The Premier League! Anything is possible and at Unibet Sportsbook, your fortunes may change should you believe in these players to bag goals right until the end of the season.

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