UK White Christmas Gambling Odds Show Big Snow Is A Go!

White Christmas Gambling

Bing Crosby sang about it, the movie of the same name will be on telly once again this year, and if it actually happens the entire country will first grind to a halt to look at it with misty-eyed fondness for approximately twenty minutes……and then start complaining about it for the next three months. What is it? It’s the yearly chance to do some White Christmas gambling and place a bet on inclement conditions this Xmas day. How very British.

White Christmas Gambling Favorites

Belfast – 4/1
Newcastle – 3/1
Dundee – 3/1
Edinburgh – 2/1
Glasgow – 2/1
Aberdeen – 7/4

In yet another example of British eccentricity a yearly flutter on the weather over the holidays is as common as a bet on the Grand National or a speculative punt on the name of the next German robber baron to be born to the Buckingham Palace residents. White Christmas gambling might seem a tad weird to those with more stable weather patterns but in the UK hoards of people each year descend on sites like BetVictor to try their luck at predicting just what the conditions will be on the 25th of December.

White Christmas gambling stems from the official reporting of the weather back when there was an Air Ministry in London and it possessed a roof, but whilst these Mr Chumley Warner days might have gone the British penchant for a novelty wager hasn’t, and in a somewhat ironic twist these days the great British gambling public who week in week out take advantage of incredibly liberal UK gambling laws, find themselves having to choose via a regional airport of all things just where it will be a white xmas.

White Christmas Gambling

Division By Region Only Permitted For The Weather

6/1 shots

  • London
  • Leeds
  • Bradford
  • Cardiff
  • Birmingham

Obviously with more locations to choose from there’s a greater sense of competition, sites like BetVictor providing a range of odds for the various UK airports, but in an atmosphere where regionalism is getting such a bad press it seems quite odd that White Christmas gambling is thus divided. From the reaction to the Brexit vote which has left many in the UK gambling news of it’s horrific likely effects are exaggerated to the continuing crisis in Catalonia, regionalism is not the flavor du jour.

Where the Scottish Independence Referendum failed the Catalonian one succeeded and brought the full force of the state down on its head, complete with police violence and accusations of treason. Carles Puigdemont might be wryly amused that when it comes to politics the UK is all for the central powers of Westminster but when it comes to White Christmas gambling it all comes down to just how far north you are geographically. Sure, you can back a town near you, but why do so when sites like BetVictor will give you 2/1 on Glasgow and Edinburgh?

Do Your White Christmas Gambling At BetVictor

5/1 Chances

  • Manchester
  • Liverpool
  • Cork
  • Bristol
  • Dublin

London, notorious for seeing as much snow as most towns in Morocco, gets a rather generous 6/1 to see a White Christmas this year, and those odds stretch as far north as Birmingham, alongside Cardiff and Leeds or Bradford. Whilst this might be amusing White Christmas gambling fodder for the residents thereabouts it’s not the most sensible of wagers, Bristol, Dublin and Liverpool, plus Manchester, all get 5/1 from sites like BetVictor, and they’re not known for their blizzards either.

Belfast gets 4/1 and Newcastle 3/1 which are quite tasty odds and may attract some of those who usually bet on sports in the UK to take up a novelty wager and do some White Christmas gambling this year. Likewise you’d have to be a little strange not to take up the 2/1 odds being offered by sites like BetVictor on Edinburgh or Glasgow getting snow this Christmas, and whilst you can get shorter on Aberdeen why not take the more rewarding, and just as likely, regional novelty wager these holidays?

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