Sexual Harassment In Football Not A Solo Activity Mr Blatter

Sexual Harassment In Football

It was only a matter of time before the accusations of sexual harassment in football moved away from the horrific litany of historical child abuse and began to focus on the current situation that is being addressed by other male dominated activities. Hope Solo might have been the loudest female voice so far but as we all gear up to bet on the London derby match this weekend at BetVictor, we’ll have to wonder just how many others will now come forward, and if football can do something about it.

Sexual Harassment In Football

Hope Solo (source:

One only need take but a glance at the rich, fat, criminal little scumbag that is Sepp Blatter to know there is sexual harassment in football. His rampant abuse of FIFA pretty much makes him the Jimmy Saville of soccer anyway, but the accusation that he decided to cop a feel of one of the world’s best known female footballers, Hope Solo, just moments before presenting the Ballon d’Or to Abby Wambach back in 2013 just serves to highlight that it isn’t just Hollywood and politicians that need to change.

Hope Solo, most capped goalie for the US national side and no relation to Han Solo from Star Wars, composed herself at the time and ignored it, something far too many women have felt it necessary to do in the past, but in a post-Weinstein world the misogynistic muppets in football are going to have to get their act together. Hope Solo may be the first to speak out about sexual harassment in football but there shouldn’t be anyone in the US gambling news headlines about Blatter will be the last on this topic.

Authorities Will Fail To Address Sexual Harassment In Football

Hope herself has pointed out in the past that so many sportswomen end up marrying their coaches, trainers, managers or publicists that it is obvious there’s a systemic issue, and from that we can all work out there must be sexual harassment in football, especially in the women’s game.
“Sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour are rampant at every level in women’s sports,” Said Solo, “And it needs to stop.” She’s entirely correct, but given this is football we’re talking about I don’t think we should hold our breath.

Hope Solo

Born – Richland, Washington
Age – 36
Int. Career – 1996-Present
USA Caps – 202
Position – Goalkeeper

Sepp Blatter

Born – Visp, Valais, Switzerland
Age – 81
Int. Career – 1981-2015

FIFA president – 1998-2015
Position – Corrupt Official

Football is yet to combat racism effectively, has barely touched on the issues with drugs in their precious little tribal game and still deny there’s any homophobia in the sport. They’re more in denial than an Egyptian crocodile and it stinks. FIFA, being the mercenary scum they are, will doubtless be hoping that any discussion of sexual harassment in Football will be muted by accusations against Richard Dreyfus, George Takei (Mr Sulu on Star Trek) and just about everyone else in show business. They’re probably right.

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Sadly the vast majority in football, the fans, will ignore Hope Solo and every other woman that complains about the behaviour of men in the sport. They’ll continue to perpetuate the sad sexist stereotypes and reinforce the appalling behaviour, make horrific excuses and eventually blame the victims for not “being one of the lads”. Of course as revelations about youth coaches have made clear being one of the lads doesn’t protect you from harassment and abuse, but football has done a good job of sweeping that under the carpet too.

This weekend Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur go up against each other in what will be a colourful derby game twixt north London rivals, and you’ll find BetVictor giving 29/20 on the Gunners and 19/10 on Spurs, with a draw just 13/5, but as two of the best sides in the English Premier League go head-to-head perhaps it would be wise for fans to start thinking about sexual harassment in football and how there should be no one in the UK or US gambling laws won’t start handing out more harsh penalties in due course. Football needs to get ahead of that or face ignominy as it’s stars are jailed for being anachronistic apes.

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