Don’t Bet On Sex Allegations Stopping Roy Moore In Alabama

Sex Allegations Stopping Roy Moore In Alabama

With US politics now resembling a badly written South American telenovela, and featuring people whose performances are just about as convincing, the Alabama Senate race has become the latest battleground twixt the two polar opposite, and hugely entrenched, sides. Judge Roy Moore for the Republicans goes up against Doug Jones for the Democrats in what is such a partisan battle I wouldn’t bet on sex allegations made by teenage girls against the gun totting Moore changing the result.

Bet on Sex Allegations

Harvey Weinstein (source:

The US right wing has long held Hollywood in contempt, the accusations made against Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Louis CK, and Steven Seagal just confirmation to many red-state Americans that the liberal elites of the entertainment world are all perverts and deviants. This totally ignores that you can bet on sex allegations surfacing about leading Republicans too, but right wing voters in the US are used to ignoring the crimes of their representatives, just look at the pussy grabber in chief.

US Politics Betting

Senate Race – Alabama
Incumbent – Jeff Sessions
Date – December 12th
Roy Moore [R] – 4/7
Doug Jones [D] – 13/10

Donald Trump has had such a detrimental effect on the American political discourse that no one in the US gambling laws won’t change to weed out the mentally incompetent and unfit once the orange buffoon leaves off is entirely sane. It has to change. The rise of populism might be overlooked (what’s a little fascism between friends?) but no one wants their political masters to be obvious morons and nor do they want to have to bet on sex allegations occurring every election cycle, and that’s what’s happening.

Partisan Alabama Unlikely To Judge Gun Wielding Moore For Sex Abuse

Judge Roy Moore, running for the Alabama senate seat left vacant by the ignorant bigoted little gnome that is US attorney general Jeff Sessions, famous waved a gun around on stage to show his support for the 2nd Amendment has now been accused by several women of being inappropriate with them during their teen years. In his defense Moore has accused all of them of being “fake news” although a former colleague of his admitted it was “common knowledge” he dated high-schoolers in his thirties.

Bet on Sex Allegations

Doug Jones (source:

Now if you’re in the US gambling news of such flagrantly disgusting behaviour will instantly cause this man to be as electorally attractive as catching Bubonic Plague from a weekend of Famadihana, you’re probably a Democrat, because whilst you might bet on sex allegations like this bringing him down and big name republicans like Mitch McConnell, Cory Gardner and John McCain have all asked he step down immediately, he doesn’t appear apt to do so. Possibly because he is still odds on to win the seat at sites like BetVictor.

You Can’t Bet On Sex Allegations Against Politicians At BetVictor, Just Sports

Sex Allegations In The US

  • Harvey Weinstein
  • Bill Cosby
  • Louis CK
  • Kevin Spacey
  • Steven Seagal
  • George Bush
  • Richard Dreyfus
  • George Takei
  • David Guillod
  • Roy Moore

It says so much about the now intractable partisan nature of US politics that the electorate in Alabama are more willing to elect an accused sexual abuser than a Democrat, and don’t bet on sex allegations going away before the December 12th election, as the Hollywood scandal rumbles on a sports stars like Hope Solo begin to speak up this will become the pivotal issue of this election. Should Moore win despite his appalling behaviour, inept track record and predatory attacks on teenage girls, the era of Trumpistic attitudes will have arrived.

You can bet on sports in the US to be behind the curve in their attitudes, NFL players are still beating their wives likes it’s the 1950s, but politics has to react to the tides of public opinion far more rapidly, and for anyone like Judge Roy Moore to still be able to be elected in a modern democracy like the US is an abhorrent stain on the US character, one sadly likely to be eclipsed by Donald Trump, his ties with Russian electoral interference and that whole possible nuclear war thing with North Korea.

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