Enterra Poker Platform Receives a Facelift

Enterra Poker logo

The major online gambling provider announced the update of their poker software with many fresh features and performance improvements.

The platform delivered by Enterra, allows customers to launch their own poker rooms connected to a central network. The company offers a wide range of solution for those interested in joining the gambling business. Based on gambling news, in their newest update they`ve made several serious changes to improve various aspects of their products.

New options include straddle, anonymous tables and split prizes tournaments. The security system was fortified with two factor authentication, to protect both real money and Bitcoin games accounts. Furthermore, they`ve polished the graphics and animation of their desktop clients for an improved user experience.

Native mobile applications on the way

The new set-ups and the many enhancements are incorporated in all their poker packages, since the company wishes to grow their already impressive partnership network. Enterra`s popularity lies in their low pricing combined with the possibility to build a mobile casino gambling unit without a separate gambling license or offshore company.

The Enterra package lets social poker to be connected to Facebook, VKnontakte , Odnoklassniki and This is possible with applications available for both Android and iOS devices. Also, the company prepares the release of their native mobile application, due to be released in the upcoming weeks. This feature will let the users to play HTML5 poker on their platforms.

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