Epsom Derby Bets On Security To Beat Coke Fueled Violence

Epsom Derby Bets

Horse racing has always been touched by greatness, it is, after all, “the sport of kings” however as we move ever further into the 21st century it would seem the character of those attending these spectacular events is changing, or, perhaps worse, reverting. A day at the races might seem a nice idea but if to place Epsom Derby bets at the race course itself is to run the risk of getting embroiled in cocaine fueled crowd violence, perhaps using Bet365 as you watch on television is a far better idea.

  • 50 Person brawl at Goodwood
  • Cheltenham Festival assault
  • Violence at Ascot again
  • Cocaine use rife at the races

Let’s be clear, race goers in the UK are not and have never been the best behaved folk in the world. When Frith painted Derby Day in the mid 19th century he depicted it as a chaotic jumble of human vices backed by almost inconsequential horses and riders. Each year the Epsom Derby bets on the same sizable crowds as in those days of yore and prepares to weather in the inevitable social issues their attendance might entail. However this summer the Epsom downs will be on high alert for high people.

Despite massive attempts to combat drug use at race courses, sniffer dogs at the entrances are not uncommon now, investigations by Sportsmail involving cocaine detecting swabs revealed the Colombian marching powder is still very popular with even baby changing surfaces all but coated with the stuff. Obviously I’ll not be alone in UK gambling news that this was only true of pavilions and stands used by the wealthy and well to do will come as no shock to anyone, coke is a rich man’s drug.

Baby Changing Surfaces Used For Cocaine Sniffing

Epsom Derby Betting Odds

  • Zabriskie – 66/1
  • Rostropovich – 40/1
  • Nelson – 40/1
  • Kew Gardens – 33/1
  • Sevenna Star – 28/1
  • Dee Ex Be – 28/1
  • The Pentagon – 20/1
  • Knight To Behold – 18/1
  • Masar – 16/1
  • Delano Roosevelt – 12/1
  • Hazapour – 12/1
  • Young Rascal – 11/1
  • Roaring Lion – 11/2
  • Saxon Warrior – 8/11

Fortunately the poor have not slouched in also behaving just as reprehensibly and this summer has seen a spike in violence at race meetings up and down the country. This may not quite reach the same scale of organized combat that reared its ugly head at Cardiff back in 2012 however with a mass brawl at Goodwood involving some fifty people, enough by itself to make you stay at home and place your Epsom Derby bets online at sites like Bet365, and fights at both Newbury and Ascot what’s going on?

Mostly, as those who regularly bet on sports in the UK will have guessed already, this is due to alcohol and race courses now employ an army of “bar spotters” who seek out the potentially anti-social to prevent trouble sparking although there is some evidence to suggest that football fans have once again begun to use race meetings at a sort of proxy battlefield for their tribal squabbles and this is not mere drunken hijinks but prearranged combat and security at the Epsom Derby bets they’ll see trouble.

Place All Your Epsom Derby Bets In Safety At Bet365

Perhaps the most alarming instance of violence at a race meeting this year thus far was the physical assault on the Head of Marketing for the Cheltenham Festival who was punched in the exclusive Gin & Jazz bar just after the Gold Cup. Mr Foxton-Duffy was treated at the scene and arrested a Mr Andrew Bentley who plead guilty and was fined 300 quid. Who among us knew it was so cheap to punch a snotty rich hooray in the face? I didn’t. Now no one at the Epsom Derby bets that’ll happen again. Right?

The races have always attracted a diverse crowd reaching across all levels of society and with them they have brought all the maladies of their class with them for the day. Placing Epsom Derby bets is as traditional as fish & chips if not more so, and so, to a large degree, is misbehaving whilst doing so and whilst many of us in the UK gambling news headlines will tell us if anything interesting happens are happy to say at home and use Bet365 there will always be those that just have to see it up close whatever the dangers.

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