eSport Betting Events In February – How Can I Bet?


Posted: February 10, 2023

Updated: February 10, 2023

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  • eSports betting events in February

New to esports betting? Maybe looking for new events to follow and bet on? We collected the eSport betting events in February. Make sure to use our dictionary or register at the best online gambling sites in Singapore. Because you will find the best eSports in this dictionary. Furthermore, if you are still waiting for something else. Then you will be able to catch the best odds the moment they come out. In this article, we are going to discover the events you shouldn’t miss out on.

Furthermore, this serves as a good reminder for those who already know about these events, but aren’t up to date with the schedules. Because it is easy to get lost and miss out on some of these events as life gets busy. This month we will see the DPC, the LCS, IEM Katowice, and the Titans League. 

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eSport Betting Events In February

We already had an article that collected the 2023 February eSports updates. However, we are going to expand this with the upcoming events you can still catch. Therefore, these are all different from the aforementioned exclusive events. Therefore, the eSports betting events in February will bring back the usual games and a little more. If you are interested in betting on all of these, then please register at Playzilla Sportsbook.

Because you will be able to find all of these markets on their website. Furthermore, they are a trustworthy and consistent operator for eSports betting. Keep in mind that you can still find other operators in our dictionary based on your region. Without further ado let’s review which eSports events are available for betting today.

WarCraft III TeD CuP

Let’s start with one of the most interesting events this month. Therefore, the eSport betting events in February all highlight the WarCraft III TeD CuP. According to Liquipedia, the event consists of 1v1 single elimination events. The original name of this event is Tè dòu bēi. However, the reason behind the name is the fact that it is a collaboration between the former professional Undead player called TeD and War3 Station.

Players are going to play these matches online on the NetEase servers. Last year, Chaemiko won the event as a Human player. The whole community agrees that his play performance has been outstanding. This year, Foggy is back to take first place. And you can bet on both of them to win.

Age of Empires II Titans League

This is one of the most important events when it comes to Age of Empires II. As we already know that Age of Empire has received a large amount of popularity due to Redbull and its official eSports tournaments. However, aside from the amazing high-quality RedBull shows. There is an underrepresentation of AOE when it comes to pop culture.

Perhaps because this is a strategy game. This is why we have motions such as the Titans League which completes the eSports circle. According to Reddit the aim of the event is to allow pro players to maintain their reputation. However, they also allow new players to show their skills to be recognized. This is why it is among the eSport betting events in February. Fans and players are super excited about this one.

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Dota 2 DPC – eSport Betting Events In February

Moving on, you should already try to register at least one of the best bookies for eSports betting. Because the Dota 2 DPC is already running, and as a DOTA 2 player, you shouldn’t be here. Because you should try to place a bet on the upcoming match before it’s too late. The Dota Pro Circuit is one of the event lines that will allow players to prove themselves as world-class eSports athletes.

This is where you will see where a very good video game player makes a difference to turn into a professional eSports athlete. In conclusion, teams wish to prove themselves so they receive an invitation to higher-level tournaments. However, these tournaments are basically on the World Championship level. Because the DPC is already one of the highest forms of MOBA competitions.

League of Legends Championship Series – LCS, LEC, ETC

We already know which are the two main League of Legends events to look out for. The League of Legends Championship Series has evolved from a single event to multiple running at the same time. Therefore, these are official Riot Games events running at the same time, for different regions and servers. These are all among the eSport betting events in February. Because you have the LCS for the North American teams.

The LEC for the European teams. And you can find all religions basically under the same naming scheme. According to LoL Esports, the LEC will end at the end of the next month. However, it already started. Keep in mind that the winners will receive an invitation to the World Championship.

Mobile Legends Indonesia And Philippines

We can’t talk about League of Legends anymore without mentioning the sister game for mobile. Because mobile games are taking over the industry. However, two events are running for two different regions. The winning teams will receive an invitation to the Asian main event. Therefore, we have the Indonesian and the Philippines running their own Mobile Legends event. 

If you prefer to follow mobile games instead of computer games, then this is the best event for you to start with. Furthermore, it is available at Playzilla Sportsbook too. The eSport betting events in February will host their fair share of mobile games. You can find these at most betting sites too.

IEM Katowice – eSport Betting Events In February

We want to close this article by talking about the IEM Katowice. Because this is probably one of the oldest and most iconic eSports events. Therefore, we do not have to talk too much about it. In conclusion, the Counter-Strike community highly anticipates this event every single year. Furthermore, there are more events under the same title. Therefore, you will be able to find events that host women’s competitions. Learn more about this in our other article that discovers gender identity in eSports.

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