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Posted: February 10, 2023

Updated: February 10, 2023

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In this article, we are going to talk about gambling houses in Venice. Well, there are not too many, however, the only one is huge. Furthermore, it is one of the most important buildings in gambling history. Because it was the very first casino the world has ever seen. Furthermore, this article was dedicated to guiding you through the Venice Carnival. Because you will be able to dress up as they used to in the Ridotto.

This means this festival will be a time machine for gamblers. We recommend you to not miss out on it. Furthermore, you can browse our list of online gambling sites in Italy if you prefer to play online. Because this is going to be one of a kind event. However, if the real-life casino is full, then all you need to do is to retire to your hotel and use your phone.

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Gambling Houses In Venice Carnival 2023

The reason why we decided to introduce you to the gambling houses in Venice is that the festival is at the doorstep. You still have time to book a hotel and arrange your travel to the wonderful city of Venice. According to the Venice Carnival Italy, the whole city will be filled with costumes. Therefore, this festival seeks to pay a tribute to Italian history. Because masks and costumes go a long way in European history.

First, we have medical masks on the streets. However, nobilities were wearing masks while gambling in the first casino in world history. Therefore, you will be able to discover the feeling of historical gambling games. Because the same casino is still open. However, if you miss out on it, we recommend you to visit King Billy Casino. Because it will give you both the noble and the anonymous experience.

Gambling Laws In Italy

Before we get in-depth with the gambling houses in Venice. First I would like to explain that offline and online gambling is completely legal in Italy. Furthermore, this country has one of the best tax-free lottery systems in the world.

Gambling Houses In Venice
Picture Source: Pexels

Therefore, if you visit Venice, then please buy a lottery ticket too. Who knows? You might become rich. That small amount of money is worth the ticket in your hand. However, in our dictionary, you will be able to find operators that sell digital tickets for the same draw. That way you will not lose your ticket.

Casinò Di Venezia

When we are speaking about the gambling houses in Venice, then the first and only building to mention is this one. Therefore, the Casinó Di Venezia is THE casino when it comes to the heart of Italy. This is the very first casino in world history. According to Tripadvisor, it’s normal when people to visit the city only for its historical value. However, they do not leave with a bad experience. Because Casinó Di Venezia makes sure to give you the best experience.

Furthermore, you will be able to visit the special events during the Venice Carnival in 2023. However, make sure to book yourself a hotel and a place. Because the casino will get full rather quickly. Therefore, you shouldn’t let people walk in first. However, you might be able to find masked strangers to play poker with on a balcony.

The Two Gambling Houses In Venice

The strangest thing when it comes to gambling in Venice is the only building. Because it is obvious that the aforementioned casino is enjoying a monopoly in the city. However, there are two sides to the coin. Because one of the sections is extremely modern, with a glamorous digital design. We are talking about the slot machine room where you can play alone.

Gambling Houses In Venice
Picture Source: Pexels

However, the poker room where you can play cards or roulette tries to stay true to the old history. Therefore, if you are interested in Ridotto gambling. Then we recommend you try both during the festival. Because this is the only time when you can experience masked gamblers. Furthermore, they will wait for you for a special show. 

Don’t Miss The Wagner Restaurant

According to Casinò Di Venezia, they are running a restaurant called the WAGNER RESTAURANT. Therefore, this beautiful restaurant pays tribute to Wagner who loved to frequent the first Casinó Di Venezia. The music of Wagner is extremely pleasant while you are dining on the stone balcony which is looking at the beautiful canals.

And while you are watching the view, you will get to see the masked people carnival on the street. If you have the chance, do not miss out on the gambling houses in Venice. Because this restaurant will be more than just an expensive experience. It is probably going to show you the pure art value of Italy.

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Online Gambling Houses In Venice

Once again, you might miss out on the gambling event due to the house being full. However, you shouldn’t worry about it. Because if that’s the case, then you can have the time of your life on the street with the other carnival partitioners. However, if you still want to gamble, then we recommend you retire to your hotel and register at King Billy Casino. Because it is going to make you feel like a king.

Therefore, technology is not going to ruin your immersion. Because you will get to play in a VIP system that revolves around noble ranks. Furthermore, if you are interested in the Venice film festival, you will be able to return to the same account. You will be able to play on your way home too.

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