The Very First Casino: Casino di Venezia


Posted: December 14, 2021

Updated: December 14, 2021

  • The oldest casino to exist
  • What was the function of the very first casino?
  • Discovering the Casino di Venezia
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Today casinos are coming in all shapes and sizes. From the sparkly and colorful casino scenery of Las Vegas to the refined HTML codes of online casinos. Gambling is a part of human nature and history. But one might wonder, which country hosts the oldest casino? This article discovers the very first casino. Casino Welcome Bonus

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It is hard to not fall in love with the wonderful lights paired with the nightlife of Las Vegas. Not only the chance to win money, but also the feeling of community which makes one wish to spend a wild night in one of Vegas’s many casinos. Or perhaps the grand lights of European casinos. However, there are people who prefer history, or perhaps those who are not fond of the business of Vegas. For that reason, we have online casinos in the US. But one might wonder: What was the very first one?

A trip to the Grand Canal in Venice.

First opened in 1638, the Casino di Venezia was originally called Theatre Saint Moses. The theater was hosting plays, just like any other theater would. The visitors were able to enter the wings, which helped them entertain themselves between the plays. Commissioned by Andrea Loredan, and built by the famous Italian architect, Mauro Codussi. Casino di Venezia is a beautiful renaissance palace that serves as a piece of art in the heart of Venice. According to Architecturaldigest, the famous German composer Richard Wagner often visited it. 

The very first casino today

As one can imagine, the first casino became a fancy and elegant, yet modern center of gambling within the heart of Italy. Possessing over 900 slot machines, and hosting tournaments with the most serious titles. Every gambling game imaginable can be found within the building. With well-dressed servers, and even a restaurant called The Wagner, honoring the name of the musician who loved to visit the casino in his life. The smooth Italian design offers an experience that one must experience in life. No wonder why it became the favored party place of several artists, and why it is often used as a movie set when it comes to poker scenes. And if you are a classical music fan, you should visit the area. Near the building, is a memorial museum dedicated to Wagner.

The Very First Casino

What to expect when visiting the very first casino.

When visiting the Casino di Venezia, make sure to bring a passport and an ID. Without those, there is no chance for you to enter the building. As it is a standard for all forms of a gambling place to identify yourself. There is also a dress code one must follow when entering. Ladies can wear casual clothes, however, men can not wear the following: short trousers, tank tops, sandals, flip-flops, slippers, and tracksuits. Bringing money is also obviously necessary. They however accept all forms of payment cards. You also can not bring your pet to the place. So if you wish to visit the oldest one, it is best you look for someone to take care of your pet in the meantime. Parking costs 10$ while getting an admission costs from 5$ to 10$. This information is at the courtesy of Casinovenezia, the website of the casino.

Casino at home

If you can’t visit the di Venezia for one reason or another. Do not feel down, you can replicate the feeling of the beautiful Italian scenery in your home, using online services. Listen to some fine classical music and get immersed while playing at the best online casinos in the US. Visit Casino and enter the many games you can find there as if you were playing from the heart of Italy, yet at the same time, enjoying the comfort of your home. Which game will you play today?

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