ESSA-PMU Race On to Stamp Out Match-Fixing

ESSA PMU illegal betting

Essa’s hi-tech platform and PMU’s expertise in league to heighten combat against match-fixing.

The major French online and land gaming operator, Pari-Mutuel Urbain, better known as PMU, has joined forces with The European Sports Security Association (ESSA) . This in Essa’s continuous effort to combat and put an end to match-fixing and corruption in international sports.

The PMU-ESSA partnership is expected to enforce EU gambling laws, by finding ways to detect match fixing and fight against illegal gambling. Essa reiterates its commitment to working with sports’ stakeholders such as PMU, in order to uphold the integrity in sports.

ESSA secretary general, Khalid Ali, stated that with PMU on board, this provides added expertise to detect match-fixing and crooked betting activity. PMU, which was once the former horse racing betting monopoly is today’s leading pari-mutual operator in Europe and the second-largest in the world.

Essas’s hi-tech detection system

PMU’s general secretary, Pierre Pages, pointed out that Essa has a great relationship with sports governing bodies but also with regulators and intelligence units. This, along with its high technology paltform, forms a major force in detecting and eliminating illegal sports betting and match-fixing.

Essa’s hi-tech, two-tier internal security system identifies suspicious land-based and mobile betting when they occur. The irregularities are picked up by ESSA’s security team and head bookmaker. ESSA then sends a warning alert to all its sports operators and partners.
Ali points out that its ability to furnish information on illegal or suspicious gambling activity is reinforced by members like PMU. This is so because ‘ESSA members are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced operators in the global sports betting market’

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