EU Judges Criticize Italian Gambling Laws

Walking too far to make a bet on sports in Italy is against European Law as judges declare.

Italian gambling news - GamingZion

European Court of Justice judges challenged the Italian gambling laws preventing the new operators from opening their outfits in proximity to existing betting shops as Italy imposed a minimum distance. The judges claim that is discriminatory and against the EU law.

It has been concluded by the Italian gambling news that the minimum distance imposition amounts to protecting the existing operators in access to the markets. The new sports betting and other gambling establishments will often need to open their shops in unattractive areas with few chances of attracting many punters.

The lobbyists for the existing land-based operators claimed that too many betting outfits in a neighborhood may exacerbate gambling problems. However, the judges have rejected the claim.

Furthermore, the EU judgment called on the Italian authorities to implement more clear and precise regulations regarding the removal or suspension of gambling licenses as there should be no favoritism or arbitrary suspensions without good cause and clear rules.

Italy has been expanding gambling in the country to raise needed tax revenues. Italians wager more than 40 billion euros ($50+ billion) every year on casino gambling and sports betting. This includes both internet betting in Italy as well as wagering at land-based outlets.

When it comes to the European Union countries, the gambling laws among the members can be as confusing as the American gambling laws implemented in each state. The EU, however, has more liberal gambling regulations than the US. This way more protection is offered to consumers and illegal operators stand a lesser chance of scamming the players.

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