Yakuza Runs Sports Betting and Underground Gambling in Japan

Winning a football match in Japan helps if Yakuza wants that to happen. Underground sportsbooks are run by the mob.

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It is a well known fact that whenever a country bans or heavily restricts casino gambling and sports betting, the local mobsters take advantage of it and start to control underground casinos and sportsbooks as well as affect the actual outcomes of the games.

It is the same in Japan, a country where under Japanese gambling laws only sports betting on horse racing and other small events is legal. Also, a lottery was created where punters can bet on J-League matches.

This has served Yakuza, the Japanese Mafia, very well. As Japanese gambling news portray, underground betting books are Yakuza-controlled as no one else dares to face the intimidating organization, not accounting for the suicide maniacs or those willing to die in pain.

As claimed, Yakuza controls betting on a variety of sports such as football, sumo wrestling, and basketball games – whatever is most popular in the country.

Recently, the FIFA-affiliated Early Warning System has detected some funky activities taking place during Japanese football matches. It is suspected that large sportsbooks bets, affiliated with the mob, were wagered on the outcomes of the games, and many players, as rumored, had to comply.

The Japanese punters do have other options to bet on many events without striking deals with dangerous elements. For example, legitimate mobile betting businesses offer bettors honest ways to place their stakes on games.

For those seeking casino adventures, mobile casino gambling is a viable option as well.

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