Nevada Casinos to Profit as Congress Fails to Amend Gambling Laws

Posted: February 20, 2012

Updated: October 4, 2017

Is Nevada the only state to legalize online casino gambling this year? This, unfortunately, may be true.

As a well known casino industry analyst has concluded, Nevada is likely to be the only state allowing online gambling this year under American gambling laws, unless Congress acts.

However, the partisan lawmakers on the Capitol Hill worry about the next election more than about the welfare of their constituents, which is nothing new anyway. Their incapability to move forward makes the state of Nevada benefit. Online casino revenues will surely enrich the Silver State coffers.

Nevada is possibly the only state to allow internet gambling in United States this year. The state lawmakers just approved the control standards related to online gambling and these may become effective within days. This will open up the state to the modern age and players with the access to the Internet, and the latest mobile casino gambling tools, will be able to enjoy themselves.

These are promising news for mobile casino gambling, however, many feel that a federal law, encompassing all the states, would be more efficient than single state gambling regulations. But this is far, far away.

However, the analysts at American gambling news expect that after November’s election but before the start of a new Congress, or what is known as the lame duck session, the Washington legislators may tackle online betting reform and put America into modern gambling age.

Even as more liberal and clear online casino gambling laws enter the American regulatory landscape, the large land-based casinos are expected to enter the cyberspace. This will give some tough competition to their purely online counterparts. This actually may be good news for the players as more mobile slots will offer some great cash bonuses to entice gamblers.

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