EU to Help Finance Restorations to Malta’s Casino Notabile


Posted: November 3, 2014

Updated: June 4, 2017

Restorations to complete the Casino Notabile in Mdina looks set to receive significant financial aid from EU funds.

Gambling news reports that around EUR 400,000 from European Union funds will be handed to the gambling center to finish off the long-standing restorations. Parliamentary secretary for EU funds and 2017 Presidency Ian Borg commissioned the transaction of money to help refurbish the 125-year-old building that stands at the middle of the walled-town Mdina.

Borg highlighted that the funds will mainly go towards strengthening the foundations of the old edifice that has survived for over a century. “It’s a shame that a site of such historic value has been allowed to deteriorate.” He also stressed that the establishment should open soon “If all goes well, we’ll see Casino Notabile open its doors to the public in the near future.”

Casino Notabile has a long-standing history

Mobile betting sites report that Casino Notabile was constructed by nobles from Mdina as a place for them to gather and discuss ongoing affairs. They enlisted British civil engineer Paulson Webster (engineer for the Royal Opera House in Valletta) to help them build their desired place for social events.

Thanks to the funds provided by the EU, Borg believes that the restorations works should be completed by next year considering the invigorated progress due to the financial aid. The council of the historical town has indicated that they have presented plans for the restorations of the building which is primed to become a popular gaming destination.

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