Europa League Final Between Benfica and Sevilla Promises A Lot of Action and Betting Opportunities

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Sevilla and Benfica are meeting at the final of Europa League on Wednesday, 14 May, and the game promises a lot of action and potential betting success for football fans.

Europa League competition started in 1971, organized by UEFA for European football teams, who qualify based on their performance in the national leagues and cup competitions.

Europa League used to have a different name and format and the current one exists in the last 5 years and it is enjoying good popularity and fans’ attention.

History of the two finalists

The final of the 43rd season of the tournament will take place at Juventus Stadium in Turin.

Sevilla and Benfica are playing at the final of Europa League on Wednesday, 14 May

• Benfica is bookies’ favorite at 6/5
• Sevilla odds are at 9/4
• The odds for a draw are at 23/10

Both finalists have played at this level of Europa League – Sevilla had played two finals (2006 and 2007 – both times winner) and Benfica also two (1983 and 2013 – both times defeats).

If Sevilla wins tomorrow, it will become the fourth team to win three Europa League (UEFA Cup) titles, right after Juventus, Internazionale and Liverpool.

Benfica is not famous for performing particularly successful at European finals as it had lost not only Europa League twice, but also the European Champion Club’s Cup finals 5 times.

The finalists have met only twice at a European competition in 1957 when Sevilla won the first game and the second one was draw.

Bookies’ predictions

Tomorrow’s game is extremely important for both teams, but so far Benfica seems to be bookies’ favorites at 6/5, as per the major UK online sportsbook Bet365.

Jorge Jesus’ team is in great shape at the moment and has a chance to lift fourth trophy this season. Benfica has already won the Primeira Liga, Taca da Liga, and is also playing at the Portuguese Cup final, so the chances for a phenomenal season are pretty realistic.

As far as Sevilla is concerned, it managed to reach the final thanks to a precious away goal in the last minutes of its game against Valencia in the semi-finals. Its odds are at 9/4 to win the trophy for a historic third time.

The odds that the final game will finish draw and will be decided after penalties is at 23/10.

Benfica’s sentiments

Benfica has another reason to play at its best this Europa League’s final game, as it will be a chance to lift the symbolic “curse of Bela Guttman”, which haunted the club in the last couple of decades.

The so called curse is associated with the club’s team manager Bela Guttman, who left notoriously in 1962 and wished the club to never win another European trophy after he was forced to quit.

It seems that this curse really affected the team, as its last wins were in 1961 and 1962, and ever since it had lost a total of seven European finals.

The facts show that there are real chances for the bad luck to be lifted this time, as Benifca was performing extremely well in the competition so far, winning 6 games and finishing draw at two, with 14 goals scored and only 4 allowed in its net.

Benfica bets

Benfica lost last year’s Europa League final, so whoever bet on the team through any bookie, following the UK gambling laws, lost bad.

However, this year’s game seems much more optimistic as the team won almost all its games and it also sent home Juventus in the semi-finals, which was pretty impressive.

All bettors who decide to place their wagers on Benfica at 6/5, would probably make good profit after the end of the game tomorrow, if Benfica finally lifts a European trophy again.

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