Brazil to World Cup 2014 Visitors: Don’t Scream if Robbed

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World Cup football fans should take measures to protect themselves if traveling to Brazil next month.

Football fans across the globe are giddy with anticipation for next month’s World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Thousands of tourists from across Latin America as well as Asia, Europe and the United States will pour into the country to watch matches as well as bet on sports in Brazil.

Amidst the excitement, local authorities are warning tourists of the danger of “latrocinio,” an alarmingly common crime in Brazil in which a routine mugging ends in murder. Says an official police brochure: “do not react, scream or argue” if approached by a mugger.

Visitors are also advised not to publicly display valuable objects and not to walk alone at night. While the authorities are doing everything possible to keep football fans safe, part of the responsibility lies with the individual.

Gambling industry tied to violence

While Brazilians and tourists are free to use foreign-operated betting sites, the country’s domestic gambling industry is closely connected to organized crime. Land-based casinos are illegal, so what casinos and Brazilian poker rooms one might find are run by criminal organizations.

In a country with one of the world’s highest murder rates, tourists are advised to steer clear of underground gambling establishments. Feel free to bet on games using the online sportsbook of your choice, but be wary of involvement in the local black market.

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