McLellan Wins the UKIPT Nottingham Title For a Record Time

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Duncan McLellan mastered the final table of the UKIPT Nottingham and became UKIPT’s fourth double champion and the first British to succeed twice in this championship.

Duncan made it into the gambling news with his win over a total of 1,223 entrants, taking home the largest share of the record breaking guaranteed prize pool of GBP 1,223,000.

The tournament was very interesting and a lot of action took place during the 6 days, achieving another record at its final table, which finished for less than 4 hours.

The finalists

This UKIPT final table was even called “the fastest and possibly most exciting UKIPT final table ever”, as the winner managed to wrap up for very short time in an elegant and smart way.

McLellan definitely took a deserved prize after his active games in numerous UK poker rooms, where he mastered his skills.

The final payouts were:

1. Duncan McLellan (UK) – GBP 202,372
2. Angelo Milioto (UK) – GBP 143,728
3. Trevor Pearson (UK) – GBP 89,900
4. Willie Elliot (UK) – GBP 67,000
5. Ryan Spittles (UK) – GBP 51,700
6. Juan Benito (Spain) – GBP 38,400
7. Anthony Flynn (UK) – GBP 29,300
8. Ramey Shaio (UK) – GBP 20,800

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