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Posted: September 17, 2015

Updated: October 6, 2017

Do you ever wish that you could become a skilled bettor and strike winning combinations on a regular basis? Well… we don’t promise you that, but you can certainly use the pro punter guide to get closer to your goal.

We all have that one friend that knows how to make money with the sportsbooks. No matter what provider he uses, whether it be land-based or mobile betting, he is guaranteed to win at it. And not just once… but constantly. And the sums that he talks about can be truly ridiculous. But he’s not the kind to be boasting, rather the type of man that knows what he’s talking about. However, he doesn’t talk too much about his betting secrets.

• Mobile betting offers better flexibility and more options
• Discipline is vital for a successful punter
• Open accounts with sportsbooks that have preferential rules

He is probably a few levels above the regular bettor that goes down to the betting shop just to make some extra dough so he can down it at the pub later on. No, your friend is skilled and more importantly, he is disciplined with his betting pursuits. So let’s have a look at some of the tips you can use from the pro punter guide to become more like him.

Online betting offers more flexibility and saves time

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Rule number one is to slowly let go of the land-based sportsbook as your betting service. Sure, it may be fun to go down to your local betting shop and having a chat with the nice young lady sitting behind the counter about the weather and things… However, this only distracts you from being focused on your goal – and that is winning. This is not to say you should completely forget about the land-based sportsbook, as they might come in handy when your internet is down and similar cases.

Using online sportsbooks is a far better alternative. In fact, going mobile is even better. All the major sportsbooks offer the same services on mobile as well, so you have nothing to worry about…except your phone buzzing every two second…But the thing is, you’ll be able to go to another country and still be able to bet on sports in the UK or Spain or any other nation.

The greatest asset that comes with mobile betting is that you can use the Live Betting option at any time during the event of the respective game. There are moments that allow you to take advantage of this, by either withdrawing a bet or altering it to suit your current preferences for the event.

Maintaining discipline plays an important role in the pro punter guide

pro punter guide maintain discipline
Yes, yes…we know what you’re thinking. But this is actually a very important point that should not be taken lightly. Having betting discipline means the difference between a punter that actually wins bets and one that will say, “I almost had it. I was so close. I only needed one more corner and I would have had it…” If you’re the kind of player that likes to make risky bets, then you probably lack some discipline. Big gambles can pay out massive earnings, but then again they can also lose everything you have earned until now.

Discipline also means having the ability to resist temptation. For instance; if you have placed a wager on a team getting 10 corners in a game and they are currently on their 8th corner in the 75th minute, the wise thing to do in this situation would be to cash out. Granted, you will be offered a sum lower than your original earnings you possibly could have made if you had waited, but this way you stay safe. And that is the whole point: not to be a rash, but to know when to raise and when to fold, just like when playing US poker rooms online.

Come up with a sum you want to play with

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If you want to utilize the tips set out in this pro punter guide, you have to play one hand at a time. Although you might have made some great best in the past, this should not influence your current decisions. Set a limit for yourself on how much money you are willing to play with for a certain time frame (day/week/month). Make sure not to go over that limit, as you would not only be disrupting your discipline, but in fact you’d be endangering your balance as well.

If it happens that you have lost certain bets, don’t succumb to a downward spiral. Set your limit and that’s it. Don’t go chasing another game in hopes of reclaiming your money back. In the vast majority of the cases, this scenario does not play out well. Your emotions and ego might be running high, and you probably won’t be thinking clearly, so you’ll be prone to making decision that you wouldn’t have done at the beginning. That’s why it’s important to come up with a realistic figure and strictly stick to it.

Choose your sportsbook wisely

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Before setting up an account with just any sportsbook, make sure to shop around first. Any objective pro punter guide will inform you to research where the preferential odds on average for your sports can be found. And not only that, but if you’re the kind of punter that uses bonuses and promos, looking around will prove very useful.

There are also various terms and conditions players should watch out for. Online sportsbooks can have varying rules when it comes to currencies, baling options, deposits and most important withdrawals. Some online sportsbooks take days to transfer money from their account to yours, so you have to be careful.

The closer you stick to the tips laid out in the pro punter guide, the higher your chances are of success.

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