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Extraordinary hybrid sports

Have you heard of chess boxing, qatch, bossaball, etc? These are just a few examples of extraordinary hybrid sports. This may surprise you, but they all are competitive sports, having professional athletes and championships all around the world. It’s time to learn about some unique sports. You might even feel tempted to try one of them!

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Extraordinary Hybrid Sports

Doing sports, exercising, and completing challenges have always played a significant role in our lives; in terms of the possibility of self-improvement and entertainment. Countless sports have been born over centuries. For example, soccer has been going strong since its beginnings, even to this day. However, in addition to the sports, which are extremely popular worldwide, many competitive sports are popular only among a nation or smaller communities. 

For example, Afghanistan’s national goat-pulling sport, buzkashi, or the Japanese snowball fighting competition, yukigassen, is now played in the Scandinavian countries, Russia, Australia, and Canada. What about water hockey or toe wrestling? These could even belong to the category of dumbest sports to bet on. Thanks to creativity and determination, new sports and games keep turning up. The list is rapidly growing at Everygame Sportsbook! Sometimes from crossing two or more existing sports. So, we have brought some examples of these extraordinary hybrid sports!

Chess Boxing is Perfect for Intellectual Athletes with Anger Issues!

Chess and boxing could not be further apart on the spectrum of competitive sports, yet a Dutch performance artist, Lepe Rubingh, thought it would be fun to combine the two. Though, the idea did not come from Rubingh. The concept of chess boxing appeared in a 1979 martial arts film, Mystery of Chessboxing, and later, in the French comic book Froid Équateur, published in 1992. Yet it was Rubingh who brought it to life in reality and made chess boxing a popular game.

The first match took place in Berlin in 2003, and chessboxing championships have been held annually in the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Great Britain, India, and Russia since then. A game consists of 11 rounds, six rounds of chess, and five of boxing. The four-minute chess rounds are followed by a one-minute break, followed by three minutes of boxing, and so on. It is possible to win by knockout, technical knockout, checkmate, disqualification of the opponent, or as a result of a timeout during the game of chess.

If they can’t determine the winner in this extraordinary hybrid sport, even with a technical KO, just like in boxing, the victor will be the one with more points. In the case of a draw in both sports, the competitor playing with the dark comes out victorious. Why do players wear headphones while playing chess? According to Everygame Sportsbook, they make them listen to pounding metal music while they play, so the enthusiastic audience cannot influence them in their decision. 

Football + Golf = Footgolf

The green turf is the same, but the ball is for soccer, and the dress code and rules are for golf. What a great idea to combine two sports that are so different in their culture and elegance! Footgolf, now very popular in several countries, started its conquering journey in the Netherlands in 2009 and officially became a sport in 2011. The game is played by teams of four on a traditional golf course, and the goal is to get a size five soccer ball from the starting point to a hole, which is 53.5 cm in diameter and 40 cm deep, with as few kicks as possible.

The race track consists of 18 sections, the practice tracks have six or nine, and their length can even exceed 7,000 meters. Each section is assigned a number, which means how many kicks a good foot golfer would take to get the ball into the hole. The good news is that, unlike golf, footgolf does not require any prior training. Anyone who has ever had a soccer ball at their feet and can aim with it can complete the sections of the footgolf course on the first try. For further information on this extraordinary hybrid sport, check out online sportsbook sites in the Netherlands!

Extraordinary Hybrid Sports – Sepak Takraw

Imagine that in a volleyball match you can only play with your feet! To perform a technical element, you perform stunts such as raising the leg above the head or scissoring. A sport that requires excellent eye-foot coordination, awareness, flexibility, and quick reaction skills can be spectacular, exciting, and tiring. It is sepak takraw, a Southeast Asian team game dating back more than five hundred years. It is a mixture of volleyball and foot tennis from a European perspective.

The rulers of Malaysia and Thailand were so fond of sepak takraw that they made it the official sport of the monarchy. The literal translation is kicking the rattan because the ball was made of bamboo cane originally, and they have only used plastic balls since the introduction of competitive sports in 1984.

In sepak takraw, the basic rules and scoring system of volleyball apply, except that here the teams consist of three players each, and the players can only touch the ball with their feet, knees, and chin.

Teams can hold the ball for a maximum of three touches in their own area, without touching the ground, of course. The first team to score 15 or 21 points wins the set, depending on the rules of the tournaments. The team managing to triumph in two sets wins the game. The sport, which is extremely popular in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Laos, Vietnam, and Indonesia, keeps spreading in Europe with more or less success.

Bossaball for Fun

It doesn’t get any more extraordinary when it comes to hybrid sports than bossaball! The fun sport came from Spain. The name was inspired by the Brazilian jazz style bossa nova, a new fashion. The game is not only based on volleyball but football, gymnastics, and capoeira. The playing field is an inflatable mattress. There is a trampoline on both sides, and a three-meter high net separates the two halves. 

The purpose is for the ball to hit the ground, more precisely, the mat, in the opponent’s half, but in bossaball, you can play with both hands and feet. The teams consist of three, four, or five people. One of them, the attacker, jumps on the trampoline, and the others are positioned on the mat.

The serving player of the serving team can throw, kick or hit the ball into the opponent’s half, and the defending team must return the ball over the net to the opponent’s court with a maximum of five touches. Preferably to land on the mat in order to score points. 

All the while, the players are almost constantly jumping, like children in a bouncy castle. It’s fun and a mighty exercise. Did we get you in the mood for some bossaball? While we are at it, capoeira is also a pretty good addition since it is a martial art disguised as a dance, having old traditions.

With African roots, developed in Brazil, capoeira has live music played with Brazilian instruments, acrobatic elements, playfulness, self-defense, and a massive dose of community spirit, which fits into bossaball perfectly. Check out the next championship at Everygame Sportsbook!

Extraordinary Hybrid Sports – Qatch

Quality Alternative Training Concept for Handball, or qatch, is another fine example of extraordinary hybrid sports! If you know teqball, you will understand qatch quickly. There is no need for pre-training to play this sport successfully. If you can juggle a soccer ball a few times, then you are good to go. This relatively new sport’s popularity is skyrocketing, probably, that is why such a legendary soccer player like Ronaldinho started playing. 

Qatch is one of the unique representatives of teqsports. Its development was based on technical elements, strategies, and the rule system of handball. This sport differs from the other games played on the Teq table in many ways, starting with its unique name since, unlike the others, it does not contain the term teq. Qatch is the mixture of teqpong, teqis, and teqvoly. The players use movements from these sports. In qatch, the ball can be caught with one or two hands and held for three seconds.

The rules also allow the players to take three steps with the ball in hand or even to jump up with it. Another significant difference is that in qatch, there are three players from each team on the playing field at the same time. The game is pretty challenging due to the positioning of the players. The goal is for the team in possession of the ball to score 12 points before the opponent team. Depending on the tournament, each set includes two won games. You can check out how a championship looks at online sportsbook sites in the Netherlands.

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