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Posted: February 7, 2023

Updated: February 7, 2023

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Formula 1 never stops evolving and testing the most advanced technologies. So it’s not surprising that there are always innovations to check out. In 2023, the Formula 1 rules will change in several areas!

Some of them serve safety, but the appearance of the cars will also change. The penalty system also becomes simpler. These changes will bring even more excitement and competition to the season, so it’s worth following them! We collected the most recent F1 news in 2023!

Major Changes

Three major changes will happen in 2023, as the FIA announced. The most spectacular of all will be the increase in the size of the mirrors. This year, the modification to be introduced has already been tested in free practice sessions, which they expect to allow the pilots to see more of the area behind them and reduce their blind spot.

They also provide more safety by strengthening the roll hoops. Zhou Guanyu’s accident in Silverstone drew attention to this issue, where the frame broke, and the Alfa Romeo pilot almost didn’t make it.

The FIA ​​also wants to clarify the issue of start penalties, which caused an uproar during the previous Italian Grand Prix. The official grid had to wait hours after the qualification due to the complexity of the penalty system.

However, this year, the scene will become simpler! Anyone who incurs a penalty of more than 15 grid places in any way must start behind all other qualified competitors. It won’t matter whether they have collected more than 15 grid penalties together or separately. The system for deciding the starting order will not change in this case.

The Ford Returns

Ford has always been part of various motorsports. Even its success was due to Henry Ford winning a race, which helped to set off the brand on its world-conquering journey. Besides Rally championships and the Le Man’s races, it achieved its best success in Formula 1.

More and more teams competed with the Ford engine, which earned seven world championship titles in a row, and only Mercedes has been able to surpass this number. Teams such as McLaren and Williams won with Ford engines, but it was only the beginning. 

The return of the brand has a lot to do with the new regulations they will introduce in 2026 and the use of 100% renewable fuel from this year onward. Ford’s president highlighted that Formula 1 and their brand work toward the same future, a software-controlled electric vehicle.

Ford will supply engines to Red Bull Racing and Scuderia AlphaTauri until at least 2030. This year, Ford and Red Bull will start working on the new engines, built according to the new rules, and the 350-kilowatt electric motor.

F1 News in 2023

Lewis Hamilton’s contract expires at the end of the 2023 season, and according to rumors, Mercedes wants to extend his contract. They offered an incredible amount for the seven-time world champion. It is possible that Mercedes would extend the contract for two more years with a salary of 70 million euros per year.

It’s not something to take lightly! Hamilton’s current base salary is roughly 40 million euros, plus various bonuses like a 25 million euro bonus if he wins the world championship title. So it seems like a serious wage rise. 

In an interview at online sportsbook sites in the UK, Toto Wolff, the head of the Mercedes Formula 1 team, suggested the extension of the contract of the British Lewis Hamilton. The world champion performed poorly last year and suffered the entire season with Mercedes, so even the young George Russell beat him within the team. The British driver is already 38 years old, so more and more people ask him about his future plans.

It’s a fair question, as the seven-time world champion will have his 17th Formula 1 season this year. Even though there are telling signs about his new contract, retirement doesn’t seem that far off. Regardless, he is not afraid of retirement. Hamilton is known to put a lot of energy and time into other pursuits, such as fashion and music, so he feels that these passions will provide him with enough stability when he says goodbye to F1 racing. 

New Location

In the new Formula 1 season in 2023, they will introduce a new track in Las Vegas, so it is already clear that future competitions will take it up a notch. The FIA ​​also has a major responsibility to ensure that all races are legal and safe.

All of this is essential for everyone to be a part of these breathtaking competitions! For many fans, sports betting is also a significant part of the races. They are interested in the individual drivers, teams, or brands’ clashes, to which Betway Sportsbook offers odds. You can also check out the differences between NASCAR and F1!

F1 News in 2023

The 2023 specification will increase the floor height on the sides by 15mm to minimize the number of teams running their cars as low as possible and risk safety issues. They proposed a 25 mm lift originally, but objections from the teams reduced the overall change in floor height, and they partly solved the porpoising problems by that time.

This includes stiffer floors to ensure teams don’t use its flexibility to run the edges closer to the ground, so they can flex a maximum of 5 mm instead of 8, while the diffuser groove height has been raised by 10 mm to reduce aero sensitivity under the car.

The budget is expected to drop to around $135 million in 2023 from the $142.4 million allowed in 2022, as the original $140 million was increased to account for inflation. Red Bull has breached the $145 million cost cap from 2021, with an overspend of around $2 million, which resulted in the team paying a $7 million fine and the number of aerodynamic tests reduced by 10%.

The minimum weight limit will be 796 kilos, two kilos less than in 2022. Also, the use of rear wings introduced by Aston Martin last year and the front wing by Mercedes have become illegal. You can follow the changes from March as 2023 F1 season starts on the first weekend of March with the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Fun Research

Beauty is subjective, but science says differently. The competitors have several statistics and rankings but only in connection with motorsport. However, people come up with the idea to use the Golden Ratio Face app to find out which driver is the most handsome.

The program analyzed the lengths, widths, and angles of the faces and did the measurements to determine who is the fairest of them all. The app found Esteban Ocon the most handsome since he got 9,35 points out of 10. 

The forerunner became Charles Leclerc with 9,07 points, and Valtteri Bottas earned third place with 8,92 points. Let’s jump to the bottom of the list where the defending world champion Max Verstappen with 8,17 points and the four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel with 8,02 points finished.

So according to the Golden Ratio, they are the least handsome drivers. As for F1 news in 2023, Vettel won’t return this year as he retired in 2022, but you can find the competing drivers’ odds at Betway Sportsbook!

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