Facebook is Looking to Enter British Online Casino Market

Facebook is aiming to venture into online casino gambling, and establish itself as a major player

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Facebook, a social media giant, is looking for new ways to expand its revenues. According to online gambling sites in United Kingdom, Facebook is looking to enter a real casino market.

So far, the company offered Facebook credits where users can play baby games where no real cash can be won. Yet, a user community of 500 million can be tapped for far more potential and gambling among friends can take new turns.

This is becoming quite worrisome for many online casinos in United Kingdom where the social media giant is looking to enter first.

Can Facebook devour online gaming industry?

Facebook is known for taking 30% of revenues earned by companies using its platform. There’s no reason why it should take less from online casinos. With tough competition among gambling sites, Facebook could raise the fee to 50-60%, thus taking weaker outfits out of business.

Perhaps now are the last moments for online gambling businesses to build their clientele and reputation before Facebook conquers and divides. The time is definitely running out for the United Kingdom sites. Internet gambling in United States could be next, once the new online gambling laws become clearer.

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