United States Brutally Cracks Down On Online Gambling

United States continues to hunt down anyone involved in illegal online gambling

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While the American lawmakers grudgingly gave a go-ahead for internet gambling in United States, there will be no mercy under the American law for those who participated in it beforehand.

According to gambling news, a 53-year-old United States citizen pleaded guilty in a New York City court to helping Americans move their money to multiple offshore gambling sites to play poker and other games, while pretending that the cash was used to buy a variety of merchandise including golf equipment and electronics.

A guilty plea may as well save him from a lifetime in a federal prison.

Gambling Crackdown Continues

There are more news of arrests related to online gambling sites in United States. A multitude of people have been arrested in Virginia with charges related to previous gambling involvement without a license.

It is not surprising that legal gambling operators are afraid of entering American online casino market. An innocent move can result in a 150 year prison sentence as, under American gambling laws, a petty online crime can cost as many years in prison as a chain saw massacre.

This doesn’t promote America as a new online gambling goldmine despite tremendous market potential.

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