Online Sports Books in United Kingdom Prepare for Olympics

Corruption stemming from illegal mafia controlled sports-books worries a number of online sports-books in United Kingdom.

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It is expected that London 2012 games will bear the stigma of game fixing.

Not long ago, cricket fans were shocked to discover that levels of corruption, illegal under British gambling laws, among cricket players were at epidemic proportions. Some of the best players on the Pakistani team were questioned and arrested by the police but that did little to bring the trust back to the game.

According to online sportsbooks in the United Kingdom, game fixing is not affecting only the game of cricket but has a much wider impact on society as a whole.

Football matches, boxing fights, and many other sports events are influenced by organized crime elements who corrupt officials, coaches, referes and players in an effort to control part of the annual $150 billion dollar spent on illegal sports betting in UK.

London 2012 Summer Olympic Games organizers are worried that illegal gambling rings will attempt to fix the outcomes of many Olympic competitions, thus making fools out of athletes, spectators, and loyal fans who simply enjoy placing an occasional bet on sports in UK.

Olympic Games Fixing Crackdown Unit

London 2012 organizers, set up special investigative units that will work with legitimate betting outfits to crack down on game fixing. The real issue is that this task will be nearly impossible to accomplish. 

To win at betting, it is not necessary to influence the entire result of a game, but a small part of it, such as who shoots the first goal or by what margin a team loses. Small events within a game, yet huge bets can be placed on these, and these will win lots of money.

So who are the potential targets of illegal gaming rings? Goalkeepers, any sport, all you need to do is to let that extra goal to ”slip in.” Football players, just make sure you get that red card in a game; better yet, help your team lose. Boxers, sometimes losing a fight will pay off handsomely.

Any swimmers with financial problems? All you need to do is not to qualify to the final especially if you got no chance for a medal. Archery shooters? Miss the target. Rowers, kayakers? Fall out from your thingy and feel the waters of River Thames for they’re flushed with money. Accidents happen. The only question remains is if its even possible to fix it.

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