South Africa Gambling Online Followed Sad Route of US

South African and American gaming industries take drastic turns while there's a growing demand for online gambling among thugs and gangsters.

online gambling news in United States

According to online gambling news in South Africa, online casinos in this country have suffered a devastating blow last year as the governent ruled them illegal.

Yet, in a land known for high crime rates where daylight killing, rape, and kidnapping is not surprising and very common, it would be preposterous for online gaming to stop. After all, a growing upper middle class of enterprising criminals needs venues to spend their hard earned money and gambling is one of these.

Since a new South African criminal is a busy man, it makes more sense to save time gambling on the mobile phone playing blackjack or poker while waiting for a ton of cocaine coming from overseas. Thus, online gambling outfits have not complied with the new South African gambling laws as had been hoped by the anti-gambling government forces.

South Africa Gambling Online vs. United States

With the American economy still in recession, politicians are coming up with new ways to raise revenue without raising taxes. According to online gambling news in United States, gambling is one way. When it comes to greenbacks, any Puritan will back off and let some ”lesser evils” stand.

The big news is that US Justice Department gave a green light to online gambling in America. This alone will prevent $6 billion poker market from going overseas, not to mention other games such as blackjack and roulette that players find fascinating. With young generation of mobile gamblers, additional revenue could easily exceed $10 billion.

This, however, is unfortunate news for illegal operators who have been preying off American players for years.

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