Fake Kidnapping Best Excuse for Losing Argentinean Bingo Gamblers


Posted: August 10, 2011

Updated: August 10, 2011

Two unconnected people in one day reported kidnapping and robbery to police when in reality they lost money playing bingo games in Argentine

In a single day, two unrelated incidents took place involving the police where gamblers who lost playing online bingo games in Argentina decided to blame robbers and kidnappers than to fess up to their families.

Traditional and online bingo games in Argentina are one of the most popular forms of gambling in the country.

The action is fast, the pries are huge and sometimes people make mistakes especially when under the influence of large quantities of alcohol or yeyo, a local slang word for cocaine.

On Monday in two separate and unrelated incidents police were called to a scene of alleged kidnapping and strong armed robbery only to quickly discover that the alleged victim was nothing more than a losing bingo player too scared to admit the truth t their family or spouse.

The first case was of a 21 year old woman who just picked up 2000 pesos from her family. Instead of going home and wait until morning to pay for her university tuition, she decided to try her luck at the local bingo hall, legal under Argentinean gambling laws.

After a fierce 12 hour long battle the young lady came out with only 700 pesos. Instead of telling her family the truth, she decided to makeup an elaborate lie with gangsters, car chases and being thrown out of a fast moving sports car.

It did not take long for the experienced Argentinean police forces to get to the bottom of the situation after applying their well proved methods.

The next case occurred just hours later in the same police precinct, so the officers barely had time to put away their truth extracting instruments when a 36 year old newlywed husband appeared, as if by magic.

The intoxicated man began claiming that a violent gang forced him to use cocaine all night and drive him to multiple cash machines inside bingo halls in Buenos Aires and withdraw nearly 6000 pesos.

Officer Rodono explains – ‘it’s a good thing I didn’t put away my club because now I have the precinct record for fastest confession. That bingo addict would have sang like a canary, if I hadn’t…(censored).’

In the future the police recommend to play internet bingo in Argentina and to not force them to use advanced confession extracting techniques on members of the local population.

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