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Posted: April 20, 2023

Updated: April 20, 2023

  • How many times will the word family appear in the movie?
  • Will Brian return?
  • Check out the Fast X special bets!

In mid-May, the penultimate Fast & Furious franchise movie called Fast X. For a long while, everyone thought it would be the last part of the series. However, Louis Leterrier felt it was essential to bring back the center element of the first movie before finishing the world-famous franchise for good. So, fans will be happy to know that Fast & Furious will continue after Fast X. Of course, it changes the storyline, thus the Fast X special bets as well!

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What to Expect?

For most people, the Fast & Furious name means cars and family. However, something faded from the series after the first few films. Fast X will bring back the core element, which resulted in the success of the franchise in the first place: the illegal street car races. Later movies neglected these street races more and more.

However, Fast X, which will air in May, will make up for them. As for the last two parts, there are certain predictions! Thanks to Vin Diesel, who revealed that they will somehow bring back the character of Paul Walker, Brian, who died ten years ago, to say a final goodbye to him, fans have been ecstatic.

Besides these hints, there are several bets that do not require clues. For instance, 22Bet Sportsbook offers wagering options on how many times the characters will say “family” during the movie. That is funny, which also adds extra excitement to watching one of the final movies of the franchise. This bet offers seven options, of which 9-12 times is the favorite with 3.5 odds, while zero times is the less likely choice with 17 odds. The next time you watch the series, pay attention to the number of times they use the word before you place a bet.

Fast X Special Bets

You can find a few more Fast X special bets. For example, which of Dominic Torretto’s catchphrases will appear in the movie? According to 22Bet Sportsbook, the most likely pick is “Ride or Die” with 1.57 odds, while “Thing about street fights… the street always wins” is the least likely choice with 17 odds.

Therefore, if you place a bet on the latter option, and Dom says it, you can win a lot of money! Again, check out the F&F franchise and the catchphrases provided by the betting site and make a winning decision afterward.

Dwayne Johnson to return as Luke Hobbs in Fast & Furious is a big question. Despite numerous attempts on Vin Diesel’s part, it seems like Dwayne Johnson did not agree to participate in the Fast X movie. However, we can’t say that with 100% certainty until we watch the movie. If there was a non-disclosure agreement to surprise fans with this unexpected twist, Johnson may make an unexpected appearance on the screen. This bet consists of a yes or no choice, among which no is a favorite with 1.4 odds.

Another Fast X special bet is about which family member will say the first word or line. Obviously, the main character, Dom, has the best odds, followed by Letty. Out of the nine options, Shaw is in last place with 13 odds, but Mia Toretto is at the bottom of the list too. Dom seems like a safe bet since he had the first lines in most movies. However, the other characters the site provides are strong picks as well. Check out online sportsbook sites in the US for more F&F special bets! Also, don’t miss out on the 2023 special bets!

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Most Popular Fan Predictions

Fans have come up with several potential theories about the upcoming F&F movie, which may help with the Fast X special bets. According to one of them, the next film may focus on Dom’s past. In the latest part, F9, the audience learns about Dom’s estranged brother, Jakob. The next movie may explore more of Dom’s past, including his relationship with his father and how it influenced his choices.

The franchise could also continue to expand globally! Fast & Furious has already featured locations all over the world, from Tokyo to Abu Dhabi. The next movie may take the franchise to a new location, such as Africa or South America. Also, they could introduce new characters from those regions. 

We will probably see more family dynamics. The Fast & Furious series has always been about the importance of family. However, recent installments have emphasized this theme even more. The next movie may continue to focus on the relationships between the characters and how they rely on each other in the riskiest situations.

Probably, the most anticipated plot prediction is Brian O’Conner’s return. Paul Walker, who played Brian O’Conner, passed away in 2013, but his character has continued to be a part of the franchise to honor his memory. We all know how close Walker and Diesel grew during filming, which makes the characters’ relationship even more believable.

Some fans speculate that Brian could make an appearance in the next movie. If it’s true, he will likely return as a cameo or in a more substantial role. Many votes on a time jump theme. The F&F franchise has always been known for its over-the-top action sequences. However, some fans think that the next part could push the boundaries even further by incorporating the past and present.

This would allow the franchise to explore new storylines and bring back characters who have been killed off in previous movies. On that note, Cipher could return as the main villain, who appeared in F9, played by Charlize Theron. Especially since they only defeated her. Some fans think she could return, possibly teaming up with other villains from the franchise’s past. We will see in May!

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