FBI Accuses Two Israeli Men of Gambling Fraud

Israeli police arrests fraudsters Ziv Orenstein and Gerry Shalon

The FBI is investigating the cases of Gerry Shalon and Ziv Orenstein, who are accused of committing gambling fraud.

Online gambling sites in Israel report that Gerry Shalon and Ziv Orenstein are being accused of cheating with their online casino services. The two men own several online betting destinations, such as Jackpot Grand and WinPalace. The Israel Police arrested the two men with the suspicion of gambling fraud. Hence, they are being kept prisoners by the Israeli government as they are waiting for the response of the FBI.

The American investigator body has discovered that there is another person also involved in the crime of gambling fraud. Joshu S. Muel Aaron is also being investigated by the largest US entity for committing 6 crimes, including “Conspiracy to commit money laundering”, “Conspiracy to commit identification document fraud” and “Conspiracy to commit securities fraud.”

FBI aims to avoid gambling fraud in the future

According to US gambling news, Diego Rodriguez, FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge, has said that FBI’s main goal is to end gambling fraud completely in the near future. The FBI’s head also added that it is a very complex and multinational problem in our world, which has to be stopped. “The FBI is committed to working with our partners, both foreign and domestic, to ensure the integrity of our markets and protect our communities from fraud and deception” – he said.

Casino director Tom Galanis also had something to say in connection with the infamous gambling fraud case of the two Israeli men. He said that their group of casinos have been working in a suspicious way for a while as their activities were very doubtful. Their competitors kept suffering from DDOS attacks, which made withdrawals harder for their players. However, these accusations are still unproven, “there is certainly no smoke without fire”, he said.

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