Find the Best Odds to Bet on Huddersfield v Aston Villa

Huddersfield v Aston Villa Betting

The Championship is one of the most exciting football tournaments of all, and that’s why the derby between Huddersfield and Aston Villa is so expected tonight. But which side will be the better one? Bet on Huddersfield v Aston Villa!

Online sportsbooks in the UK also noticed that it won’t be a one-sided match between Huddersfield and Aston Villa. If we only decided upon positions in the Championship table, we would immediately have to place a bet on Huddersfield to win easily. However, that’s not how any of this works. Aston Villa have been on a good run lately…

They have won 3 out of their last 3 matches. Although before making any further assumptions based on that, we must see that two of those teams were last-placed Rotherdam and relegation-predicted Bristol City. Yet winning 3 games in a row might give them a boost in confidence, which might come handy when being hosted be the third best team of the league…

Should you bet against Huddersfield?

There are always a few bettors who like to bet on the underdogs. Despite the good form, Aston Villa are still coming as underdogs for tonight’s match because in the long run, Huddersfield have been doing way better. Yet it will all be decided in one game and if you want to bet on Huddersfield v Aston Villa, betting on the away team might be a better choice this time.

Online sportsbooks like Bet365 would pay 4.33 (10/3) times your stake, should Aston Villa win. Meanwhile, the odds for Huddersfield to win are 2.05 (21/20) at BetVictor. Will you bet on Huddersfield v Aston Villa? Feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below!

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