First Female On The Moon Odds – Who Is The Best Astronaut Of Them All?

  • Who are going to be the lucky astronauts to step on the Moon after almost 50 years?
  • The candidate list includes 9 men and 9 women!
  • The NASA wants to send the first person of color on the Moon!
  • Check out the first female on the Moon odds!
First female on the Moon odds

For a long time, traveling to the Moon was just a dream, even after Neil Armstrong. However, according to NASA’s plan, the Artemis program will take place in a few years, with a total budget of more than 28 billion dollars. The Orion Spacecraft

’s landing unit, carried by the Space Launch System rocket, which was designed specifically for deep space travel, will touchdown on the Moon. A man and a woman will board the spaceship, and people are curious about the lucky astronaut lady! Let’s see the first female on the Moon odds!

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The Artemis Program – First Female on the Moon Odds

NASA’s long-term plan is to build the Lunar Gateway base around the Moon. The Artemis Program will have two main phases! During the first, they will develop and perfect the spacecraft system, and the second will start with the mission in a few years. At first, they planned for the two chosen astronauts to step foot on the Moon in 2024 as part of the Artemis program, but it turned out that the schedule had to change. 

Bill Nelson, the director of the NASA space agency, announced that the next astronauts could land on the Moon in 2025 at the earliest. The mission will be preceded by robotic and human testing. When it’s done, they aim to ensure constant human presence on the Moon by building a permanent base, among other things, for Mars expeditions in the 2030s. According to the OIG, the main reason for the at least ten months delay is the slow development of the spacesuit.

 However, there are other contributing factors. For example, some devices have not passed the tests yet, like the new rocket or the lander. Another reason is that although NASA commissioned SpaceX to develop the Human Landing System, their rival, Blue Origin, sued them. NASA won the legal process, but it caused a delay. It will take a lot of testing, additional resources, licenses, and permissions for their plan to start, so a minimum of a two-year delay sounds rational. 

Women in Space

The first woman in Space was the Russian cosmonaut Valentyina Vladimirinovna Tyereskova in 1963. Several other women cosmonauts were selected, but none of them eventually made it to so far. The second woman in Space was also Russian, Svetlana Yevgenieva Savitskaya, in 1982. NASA’s first female astronaut in Space was Sally Ride in 1983. It was in 2010 when the most, a total of four, women left Earth aboard the International Space Station. 

Along with three NASA astronauts, Tracy Caldwell Dyson, Stephanie Wilson, and Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger, Naoko Yamazaki from Japan used the station. The first all-female spacewalk took place in 2019 with astronauts Christina Koch and Peggy Wilson. You can find out at online gambling sites in the US if their names are among the candidates and the first female on the Moon odds!

The First Female on the Moon Odds

With Artemis III, NASA wants to make history twice. In 2021, they announced their plan for a woman and a person of color to participate in the mission and land on the Moon. This will be the first time for many things. The list of the possible astronauts consists of 18 names, nine men and nine women. Among the 18 astronauts, some have already visited the International Space Station (ISS), while others have never been in Space before. You can check out the entire list at online gambling sites in the US!

Among the 18 selected astronauts is Jessica Watkins, who may be the first woman on the Moon and the first person of color to walk on the Moon. The 34-year-old planetary geologist joined the space agency in 2017.

Previously, she worked on the scientific team of the Mars Curiosity rover, and she is one of the astronauts to have a chance to be chosen. On 22Bet Sportsbook, she has nine odds, whereas Stephanie Wilson seems the most likely to be the first female on the Moon with five odds.

The US Space Agency has selected nine women and nine men who may have a chance to go into Space out of more than twelve thousand applicants. The nineteen space cadets have to undergo a two-year basic training. They have to acquire the necessary preparation for an upcoming space trip. As part of the preparation, they take part in water survival exercises, fly in NASA’s T-38 training plane, and prepare for the spacewalk with diving training completed in the pool of the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Who is the Best Astronaut of Them All?

Candidate astronauts who successfully complete the training can fly to the International Space Station or even to the Moon with the Artemis mission in 2025 if things go smoothly. Astronaut candidates include Nichole Ayers, a 33-year-old major in the US Air Force, and Marcos Berríos, a 38-year-old major in the Air Force. Christina Birch is a former member of the US road cycling team who earned a doctorate in bioengineering. Deniz Burnham, a 36-year-old engineer and lieutenant in the US Navy. 

Keep with us because there are some more candidates. Luke Delaney, a 43-year-old NASA research pilot and retired major in the US Marine Corps, and Andre Douglas, a system engineer who served in the US Coast Guard. Jack Hathaway, a 40-year-old US Navy commander, and Anil Menon, a former flight surgeon of Elon Musk’s company SpaceX. He assisted in the company’s first mission to the International Space Station. Christopher Williams, a doctor, and Jessica Wittner, a 39-year-old vice commander of the US Navy.

Two astronaut candidates joined them from the United Arab Emirates, Nora al-Matrúsi, 29, an engineer, and Mohammad al-Mulla, 34, a pilot. They are the winners of the Dubai Space Agency selection. The results of their training will decide who is going to be the first female on the Moon. Check out their odds at 22Bet Sportsbook and take your pick! You can also find the odds of the next celebrity to visit Space!

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