Five More Ways to Spot a Scam Casino Site


Posted: July 21, 2020

Updated: July 21, 2020

  • New casino sites appear regularly, but be sure to vet them properly before making a deposit
  • A professional looking site is not necessarily a legitimate one - always double check for typical warning signs
  • Five more ways to spot a scam casino site offers another 5 tips on how to avoid falling victim to online scammers

Competition from new and upcoming casinos is important and keeps the industry innovating. Because of the recent growth in online gambling, however, many scammers know there is easy money to be made. Fraudsters and fake online casino platforms will spin tales of incredible winnings and huge bonuses, but don’t expect to see your money again if you win. Five more ways to Spot a scam casino site will help you avoid falling victim to this type of fraud.

Fortunately, recognizing scam websites is not so difficult, if you follow some simple guidelines. There are independent websites that comb the internet for legitimate and licensed casino platforms and rank their bonuses and benefits. Checking online reviews from trusted websites like these is always a good idea. See our original article How To Spot Fake Casinos Online for more about this and other tips for staying safe. And remember, when checking to see if a platform is legitimate, use as many as indicators as possible.

1. Confirm the domain name

Many fake websites use a domain name that is very similar to that of a legitimate, well-established casino. By changing a few letters or a word, the two domain names sound deceptively similar, and scam casinos are able to trick thousands of unsuspecting people into using their platforms. For example, a scam casino may use the name to associate itself with an already legitimate, trustworthy casino called Rogue sites with similar names can often be found using counterfeit video slots from popular software studios.

On closer examination, it may also become apparent that the casino has no licensing or registered office information displayed anywhere on the website. When this info is lacking, it is obvious that something is not right and the site should be avoided. So always double-check before you deposit on any casino platform, or you may end up on the wrong website. A quick google search provides a list of results for similar domain names, and you can then check online reviews.

Ways to Spot a Scam Casino Site
Check the social media behind the site

2. Check the company’s age

Most scam casinos don’t last long on the Internet – the average scam website lasts around a year. In the first six months, the casino will put a lot of effort into aggressive marketing tactics to attract players to the platform, from free spins to lots and lots of bonuses. Initially, the website will function like any other legitimate platform, communicating with customers, and processing withdrawals. This helps them gain legitimacy online – right before they stop processing withdrawals and stealing from every member on the platform. Eventually, they will cease operations having stolen more money than they paid their members.

The biggest and most popular brands, particularly those which have been running for a while, are very rarely scam outfits. A casino cannot survive long if they don’t pay out to players, so if a platform has been running for 3 years or more (ideally 5) they are likely to be trustworthy. Check out online sportsbooks in the USA to find legitimate casinos with licenses, on-time payments, and proven fair games.

3. Spot a scam casino site by browsing the platform

Fake websites are able to steal and copy games from other websites and may have very professional looking user interfaces so you won’t realize your money is being stolen. But although some scam casinos do make a lot of effort – and invest heavily – to disguise their websites with impressive high-quality graphics, most of them don’t. The average scam artist gets their site up and running online in a much more hasty fashion.

Importantly, fundamental pages like the Contact page are usually missing. Terms and Conditions may also be present but contain little helpful information about the website. If you visit a casino that lacks contact information, you should be concerned, and of course, a site riddled with poor grammar and low-quality images is a warning sign. The best casinos are designed to impress, so they will not only look professional but happily display all the details you need to know.

Ways to Spot a Scam Casino Site
Don’t get fooled – Image source: Flickr

4. Spot a scam casino site by poor customer service

Service is everything, and customer service is one of the things that makes the difference between good and bad casinos. A comprehensive customer support system that functions 24/7 should be available – preferably in your own language – with telephone, email or live chat always at hand to solve any issues. Professional businesses in every field will invest a lot in customer support. Customers always come first, and they will do their best to provide them with the best possible experience. So why would things be any different when talking about online gambling sites? Sites where customer service is nowhere to be found, or who try to avoid helping with problems or giving out information, should be avoided.

5. Casinos hiding behind web forms

Initially, fake casinos will share relevant contact information, but one email is not enough to confirm a casino is a legitimate operation. There should also be a phone number, and the website should be connected with social media. In other words, there should be multiple communication channels. They should actively answer questions and concerns from customers – professional online gambling sites should answer any queries within 24 hours. And remember, when checking platform reviews social media is not necessarily reliable; use trusted review forums.

Fake casinos do not want to tell you who their owners are or give you too many ways to get in touch with them. If all you have is a website with a simple ‘contact us’ form and no further options, dig a little deeper with the other items on this checklist. Established, trustworthy casinos such as 888casino (don’t confuse the name!) will readily give you ownership information, addresses, and phone numbers, multiple e-mail contact addresses, and often live-chat on their homepage. They will also offer a huge variety of games, including slots by top providers, table games, and more. And if you are looking for licensed, trustworthy sites, you can also check out our list of online gambling sites in the US. and start playing straight away.

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