Floyd Mayweather Jr: A Story about Money (part 3)

Posted: April 30, 2015

Updated: April 30, 2015

Through the professional ranks Money is born.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a five-division world champion who happens to be undefeated. Also, he happened to have won 10 world titles including the linear championship in four different weight divisions. He’s been rated as the best pound-for-pound boxer by Ring, Sports Illustrated, ESPN and Fox Sports. As “Pretty Boy Floyd”, Mayweather dominated the amateur ranks with a record of 84-6.

• Mayweather was the first Ring Lightweight champion since Pernell Whitaker.
• Nelson Mandela gave N’dou inspirational words before his bout with Mayweather
• De La Hoya earned $58 million from his bout with Mayweather.

Mayweather’s humble beginnings only made him more driven to become on the wealthiest athletes in sport. Taking on the defensive style taught to him by his father and uncle, Mayweather had a control and presence in the ring that made him create much hype as well as money for those using online sportsbooks in the US. There were of course bit more that happened on his way to the “Fight of the Century.”

As the world realized Mayweather’s prowess a star was born

Mayweather, managing to land 220 punches out of 414 thrown (almost four times more than Corrales) was marveled after the defeat of Corrales. The boxing world focused on Mayweather’s speed, power and focus. Mayweather’s next fight was a title defense against Carlos Hernandez. The future IBF Super Featherweight Champion proved to be a very hard match but resulted in a Mayweather victory.

Mayweather would fight only one more super featherweight bout before moving to the light welterweight division. His opponent Jesus Chavez was the top WBC contender hot off a winning streak of 31 bouts. Mayweather, who struggle with the reduced weight, managed to defeat the future lightweight champion. Mayweather’s next bout against Ricky Hatton would end up in Mayweather attaining the light welterweight title.

In a charge for the lightweight title, Mayweather fought Jose Luis Castillo, WBC champion and The Ring’s “number 1 lightweight.” Despite an injured rotator cuff in his left shoulder, Mayweather won the bout by decision and was the first Ring Lightweight champion since Pernell Whitaker. After shoulder surgery, Mayweather and Castillo met yet again. The unmemorable fight ended in a decision in Mayweather’s favor.

Mayweather won another lightweight title defence against Dominican Victoriano Sosa. Later that year, Mayweather took on the South African Phillip N’dou whose only lost once. Nobel Prize Winner Nelson Mandela gave N’dou inspirational words before the bout. Known in South African gambling news, the WBC number 1-ranked contender fought an impressive fight but finally hit the floor in the 7th round. N’dou’s corner stopped the fight two minutes later.

Mayweather weathers through the light welterweight division

Mayweather Gatti
Mayweather entered the light welterweight division and defeated DeMarcus Corley. As a result, Mayweather was able to fight champion Arturo Gatti. Mayweather ended up fighting Henry Brussels just to ensure a Gatti bout. The bout took place on June 25th, 2005 in Atlantic City. Enough people supported Gatti to make it interesting for those waging, but still Mayweather was confident.

Mayweather dominated the fight and earned more respect among critics for his capture of his 3rd division title. It would be Mayweather’s last fight in the light welterweight division as he set his sights on fighting as a welterweight. Mayweather fought a non-title bout against Sharmba Mitchell with a 6th round victory. Soon Mayweather would get the IBF welterweight title by upsetting Zab Judah.

An altercation between Roger Mayweather and the Judah corner, in response to “dirty” blows by Judah, resulted in a $200,000 fine and a suspension for a year. Upon being ordered to have a rematch with Judah, Mayweaher vacated the IBF title. Mayweather and promoter Bob Arum split ways. Mayweather was able to get two titles from his defeat of Carlos Baldimir, who hadn’t lost a bout in eight years.

Well known to US gambling news, Mayweather fought Oscar De La Hoya on May 5th, 2007. Mayweather had to move up seven pounds to fight. Mayweather’s father was going to train De La Hoya, but Freddie Roach trained him instead. After 12 rounds, the decision went to Mayweather. De La Hoya made many hits that were inaccurate and started to tire a bit giving Mayweather the opportunity to overtake him. De La Hoya earned $58 million and Mayweather $25 million.

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