FOBTs Cause a Lot of Tension in the UK Betting Industry

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A lot of pressure is put on the British Horseracing Authority due to the anticipation that it has to change the policy of regarding the unwanted dense presence of betting terminals.

FOBTs are blamed for being very different from the long-established betting tradition. Their margin is small, but permanently fixed, unlike regular bet on sports in the UK. Fixed terminals provide the deception of control, letting punters to pick their preferred numbers, but the method of taking their money is completely mechanical.

This reality determined the current situation where numerous betting shops are operating closely together in UK’s poorest areas, since 2005. Naturally, the providers are concentrating on locations with highest demand, which also happen to be the most unprivileged. Therefore, locals are suffering even more, because of FOBT’s mechanical money taking.

FOBTs affect the interests of various gambling businesses

Racing is one of the concerned betting industry. Before FOBTs were introduced, street bookies were usual part of the city environments. UK gambling laws from 1960s developed the bond between the British people and the betting business from hesitant tolerance to necessary acceptance. Unfortunately, the betting machines also affected negatively this established relationship.

The solution is hopefully coming soon, however the authorities support the existence of FOBTs, therefore it will take a lot effort for the situation to be resolved positively for all sides of the conflict.

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