Football Betting Preview – Friendly Matches (Part 2)

Friendly Matches

As national leagues, club championships and other cups are taking a break, we turn our attention to the friendly international games.

There are many thrilling matches to choose from this weekend, so punters will have a great opportunity to scoop some impressive rewards through their betting efforts. According to Malaysia gambling news, Oman will host Malaysia at home where they will be looking to take advantage of playing on their own ground on Thursday afternoon.

Oman will host Malaysia at home
Algeria favorites against Qatar away
Ivory Coast prepare to face Angola

Jordan will play against Syria in what should be an uncertain match for both sides. Algeria will travel to Qatar where they will be aiming to put on a good show considering they are the favorites for the win. Ivory Coast will take charge against Angola at home, and judging by their recent performances they should be able to pull off a win.

Oman vs Malaysia and Jordan vs Syria

Oman sit all the way down in 96th position on the FIFA World Rankings with only 356 points to their name. They have a hard time settling into games and lack experience in big games, so they are not considered to be a serious threat to many top sides. However, for the upcoming match against Malaysia they have been assigned favorite status 1.22 (2/9), since they will be the ones playing at home.

Friendly matches

Malaysia on the other hand have been dealt complete outsider odds 13.00 (12/1), as they lack considerable depth within their squad. A draw between the two for the encounter stands at a high 6.00 (5/1), as that event is also not on the cards. This game should see Oman clinch an easy home win, as they boast a better team than their opponents.

Jordan find themselves in 101st position on the FIFA rankings with a meager 326 points. Teams such as Tanzania (100th) and Saudi Arabia (99th) are currently above them as they have a total of 331 and 339 points respectively. Normally mobile betting providers would assign them unfavorable chances against other teams, however now they will be facing Syria at home so they have been dealt positive odds 1.80 (4/5).

Friendly matches

Syrians are located all the way down in 152nd spot with only 141 points. In recent times they have lost 2 positions on the table as they weren’t able to put on convincing performances against their opponents. They are not likely to win the match against Jordan so their odds stand at 4.50 (7/2), while a draw between them two has been set at a high 3.50 (5/2).

Qatar vs Algeria and Ivory Coast vs Angola

Qatar is preparing to go head to head with Algeria, but judging by the difference between the two sides the former country will likely claim the bragging rights after the game. Qatar currently lie in 109th place on the FIFA rankings, while team like Cuba (110th) and Namibia sit below them a few places with points amounting to 288 and 281 respectively.

Friendly matches

Algeria were a promising side during last year’s World Cup in Brazil, however when they reached the last 16 they lost the tie to Germany 2-1. At the moment they sit in 18th spot with an overall points of 986, and the find themselves above countries such as Croatia, who finished 3rd at the 1998 World Cup in France. Their chances of winning the match against Qatar stand at 1.85 (6/7), while a win for the hosts is unlikely 4.33 (10/3).

Ivory Coast will play against Angola at home where they should have the right balance of striking a few goals past the opposition’s and capturing a victory. Although their star striker Didier Drogba retired after the World Cup in Brazil, they still possess a fearsome group of players that include the likes of Yaya Toure and Gervinho.

Friendly matches

Angola on the other hand are in a completely different position as they lack considerable depth within their team and don’t have the same kind of experience at the high level. On FIFA rankings they sit in 84th place with only 403 points, so it makes sense that Ivory Coast are considered favorites for the game 1.40 (2/5). Angola have unlikely chances 9.00 (8/1), while a tie between them stands at 4.20 (16/5), according to Online sportsbooks in Malaysia .

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