Football Youngsters to Look Out For: Dominik Szoboszlai

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Dominik Szoboszlai is one of the brightest Hungarian football talents, but is he one of the football youngsters to look out for? We believe he might be, however, only time will tell. Till then, let’s see who he is!

Dominik Szoboszlai started his career in Székesfehérvár, Hungary. His coach was his father who established an ambitious football academy, Főnix Gold FC. Their model is pretty successful so far: online betting news in Hungary keep reporting about many Hungarian first division clubs want to sign talented players from them, as well as foreigner teams like Red Bull Salzburg or Dinamo Zagreb.

From Budapest to Salzburg…

From Székesfehérvár, he moved to Hungarian First Division member MTK Budapest. They are a team that provides one of the best academies for Hungarian young talents. However, his talent was outstanding enough for international teams to try and buy him. Dinamo Zagreb showed interests too, but eventually Szoboszlai transferred to Red Bull Salzburg and plays for them now, in hopes of improving as a football player.

International fame is on its way as well!

Szoboszlai has already participated in the u-16 Hungarian national team at the age of 15. In fact, he scored and assisted on Euro qualifiers. No wonder he’s one of the brightest football talents in Hungary As soon as he turned 16, he was invited to the next step of junior football: to participate in the u19 team. And he didn’t fail to impress the older generation either! Szoboszlai scored and assisted on u19 Euro qualifiers as well. That was is a pretty impressive thing to do against players who are 3 years older than you. Online sportsbooks don’t usually expect such young players to do so well against older rivals.

Football youngsters to look out for: Szoboszlai, MVP at Alkass International Cup

Red Bull Salzbug signed Szoboszlai because of his incredible performances in the youth national team. However, they are more than satisfied with their new player. Szoboszlai participated in the Alkass International Cup with his new team. Real Madrid won the tournament, while RBS played for the bronze medal. They won the game by 4-0, Szoboszlai contributed to the victory with an assist and a goal. He was also chosen the Man of the Match.

Is there way to improve more?

While there is a long way ahead of Szoboszlai if he is about to become an important actor in the stage of international football, football experts at the Red Bull Salzburg academy are already impressed by him. His technical skills are great, his mind is fast enough, he reads the game perfectly… However, he is yet to improve his physical attributes: for his 1,85m heights, the 70 kg is not enough. Also, he runs 12 km per game which is enough. However, his father explained that their goal is to make Szoboszlai be capable of running 80% of this amount at his full speed. That is quite an ambitious goal but of course it is not impossible. However, if he is to become the biggest football youngsters to look out for, he needs to improve.

Biggest football talent in Hungary: up to the national team?

Bernd Storck, the manager of the Hungarian national team, has also shown interest in the biggest football talents in Hungary. According to online sportsbooks in Hungary, the headcoach already warned the player about his possibilities to play for the national team. There is a good chance for him to make it to the top. Having a private conversation with the manager is not something that all football talents receive… It’s all up to Szoboszlai what he will bring out of his career. So far, his future seems bright for sure!

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