Footballers’ New Careers: Thomas Gravesen

Thomas Gravesen Poker Face

Thomas Gravesen’s career is quite an exceptional one. While footballers new careers usually remain football-related, Gravesen chose a path that no online sportsbooks would ever have predicted to him. And oh boy, how successful he became in that field as well!

Thomas Gravesen is a Danish guy who started as a professional football player in Vejle Boldklub. The defensive midfielder joined Bundesliga member Hamburg and went on to Premier League’s Everton. While he was not the most skilled footballer of all time, he was famous of never giving up and always giving as much as he could for his team.

That’s one of the reasons why Real Madrid decided to buy him from Everton. The other reason why they chose him is because Florentino Pérez did not really care much about football expert aspects, he was more about marketing. “And defensive players have no value so we don’t need to spend money on good defenders” – thought El Presidente.

Real Madrid was his peak

After spending 5 years in Liverpool and 1 year at Real Madrid, it was obvious that his career as a footballer has reached its peak. He continued for 2 more years at Celtic and retired from football in 2008. Having represented the Danish national team on 66 occasions, he could actually be quite proud of himself. He was a relatively good football player. But it’s over. What now?

Never run out of ideas…

Gravesen did not really worry about his future upon retiring from football. While online betting news in Denmark kept writing about the possibility of Thomas returning to the football world as a coach, he had different things in mind. Gravesen thought that footballers new careers, the general ones, were too boring for him and he wanted something else.

That’s why he took all the millions of pounds he saved up during his time in the Bundesliga, Premier League, La Liga and the Scottish Premier League and became a businessman. A successful one! It seemed like whatever he touched, became gold: he invested a lot of money and growth his bank account up to GBP 80 million.

Then he got bored of being a successful businessman…

So what do you do when your dream of being a footballer is checked, being rich, also checked, you get bored. What now? Of course, duh: you switch careers again, give up on your life as a businessman and enter the gambling industry! Thomas Gravesen now is an official player at offline as well as online casinos in the US.

Yes, that’s right, in the US. Because he checked another thing that many can dream about: he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his professional gambling career. Thomas Gravesen seems like the most successful person in whatever idea comes to his mind. Living the dream must be quite entertaining.

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