Football Transfer Rumours: Rooney to Join West Ham United?

Wayne Rooney New Club

It’s quite hard to imagine Wayne Rooney away from the Red Devils, but he is running out of time and West Ham showed interest in capturing him…but is it possible for Rooney to join West Ham?

According to the reports by online gambling news in the UK, West Ham United would be interested in signing Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney as soon as the next transfer window opens. However, would it be a good deal for Wayne Rooney to join West Ham United?

West Ham United does not really seems like the proper club where Wayne Rooney would like to continue his career if he was to leave the Red Devils. While he is fighting for Europa League victory as well as getting one of the top 4 spots in the Premier League table with his current club, WHU are in the middle of the table, without being in any European cup tournament.

Bet on Rooney leaving Man Utd!

While it is not likely for Rooney to join West Ham, you could still place a bet on this to happen. The odds for Rooney to join West Ham United are 15.00 (14/1) at BetVictor. The famous online sportsbook in the UK believes Everton are favourites for Rooney’s signature as the odds for Rooney to join Everton again are only 1.50 (1/2).

Rooney special betting odds also would not think of Rooney to join Chelsea, Real Madrid, Juventus or even Arsenal as an impossible scenario. However, the most likely bets you could make on Rooney’s next club would be to bet on Rooney to join any Cihnese team for 3.50 (5/2) odds at Marathonbet. Rooney might also join the MLS league, the odds for this are 3.00 (2/1).

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