Which Teams Have The Best Chances of Qualifying for NHL Playoffs?

NHL Playoff Odds

If you want to bet on NHL but don’t know which the best betting sites are for ice hockey betting, or if you are seeking ideas about teams with the best chances of qualifying for NHL playoffs, you’re on the right place!

Some teams already secured themselves a place in the playoff round so you probably couldn’t make a fortune from joining online sportsbooks in the US only to bet on Chicago Blackhawks or Washington Capitals qualifying for NHL playoffs. Pittsburgh Penguins and Colombus Blue Jackets are also sure participants of the bracket stage, but which other teams have the best chances of qualifying for NHL playoffs? Let’s take a look at what each teams’ chances are in each division!

Metropolitan Division: Tough Battle to Win the Division

Seemingly it is not an important division because we already know about three teams qualifying for NHL playoffs from this division. However, there is a tight battle for winning the Metropolitan Division: The Capitals lead with 102 points, followed by the Penguins and the Blue Jets with 101 and 100 points. New York Rangers have 94 points, they might also qualify for NHL playoffs! Bet on Washington Capitals to win Metropolitan Division for 2.45 (29/20) at Marathonbet!

Atlantic Division: Bet on Montreal Canadiens to win

…if you want to go for the seemingly safest bet. The canadiens are leading the division but they have not qualified for NHL playoffs yet. They collected 91 points so far and their most competitive rivals are Ottawa Senators with 88 points. The odds for Montreal to win are 1.50 (1/2) at Paddy Power, while the odds for Ottawa to win are 2.50 (3/2) at the same online sportsbook.

Central Division: Can Minnesota Wild come back from here?

Another division that is seemingly decided already, however there might be some big surprises waiting for us. Minnesota Wild is not the team that gives up so easily and they are only 6 points behind Chicago Blackhawks, who might feel comfortable as they are already qualifying for NHL playoffs. Should you want to bet on Minnesota Wild to win Central Division, the odds would pay 3.75 (11/4) times your stake at Betway. Clinching the third place will be a huge battle between Nashville Predators and St Louis Blues. Both teams have 83 points as of today.

Pacific Division: San Jose Sharks are Favourites to win

Everything is open in the Pacific Division still. While San Jose Sharks have a bit convincing advantage of 4 points ahead of Edmonton Oilers and Anaheim Ducks, it is not a surprise that the Sharks are favourite to win according to online betting news in the US. Qualifying for NHL playoffs will be pretty hard from this group as the field is rather tight. Bet365 rated San Jose’s chances to win at 1.38 (5/13), stating that they are clear favourites due to their advantage. However, the odds for Anaheim and Edmonton are the same: 5.80 (24/5), while those for Calgary Flames to win are 12.50 (23/2). Place your bets on the NHL playoff qualifier teams now!

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