Rethinking The Wawrinka Federer Friendship

Wawrinka Federer Asshole

The Wawrinka Federer friendship is only natural as both world-wide known tennis players come from Switzerland and they meet each other quite often…they kind of need to respect each other.

However, respect does not always seem to be on the top of their list when it comes to commenting about each other. Last time the two cracks met, Federer could have been happier at the end as it was expected by online sportsbooks in Switzerland. Federer defeated his fellow compatriot in the BNP Paribas Open final.

”Federer is an asshole!”

The Wawrinka Federer friendship seemed to be blossoming at the end of the game as they congratulated each other, but Wawrinka’s after-game speech confused some sports fans. He literally called the tennis legend an asshole because he was laughing at him for speaking in tears. However, the whole scene was just a funny teasing.

”I was only trying to show him positivity”

Of course Roger Federer is not the kind of person who would laugh at someone he just defeated. After being called an asshole, he said there was no offense taken and that he only laughed because he wanted to show positivity to Wawrinka: how everything’s going to be alright and how there is no need to be sad. And also how he got used to being called an asshole.

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