Former Paddy Power Head of Mischief becomes Paddy Power Betfair Advertising Director


Posted: April 15, 2016

Updated: April 15, 2016

The man famous as Paddy Power Head of Mischief is soon to be Paddy Power Betfair’s advertising director,

Ken Robertson, who has worked for Paddy Power since 1999, is set to begin a new role as advertising director at Paddy Power Betfair, in charge of for advertising in Europe. He will oversee a team of 50 ad professionals, with responsibility for the entire creative process.

Until April this year, he was director of brand engagement at the online sportsbook, recently created by the merger of paddy Power and Betfair. However, he is best known for the time he spent as Paddy Power Head of Mischief.

For Paddy Power Head of Mischief is role very much in-keeping with brand values

The thinking behind “mischief” at Paddy Power was that there are non-conventional ways for an online Sportsbooks to grab attention, and that most publicity is good publicity. Often, their stunts received press attention without requiring must investment.

Rather than just advertising good odds, Paddy Power has sought to use “mischief” to create a funny and boundary-breaking reputation that those who bet on sport can identify with. Their campaigns, including those created by Ken Robertson when he was Paddy Power Head of Mischief, were covered in gambling news, but also beyond.

As Paddy Power Head of Mischief, Robertson oversaw many crazy stunts

Some stunts during the time of Robertson’s “mischief” were received very well. For instance, Paddy Power flew a message of “Do it for Seve” above the venue of the Rider Cup in 2012, in memory of Seve Ballesteros. More controversially, they supported Dennis Rodman travelling to North Korea in the spirit of “Basketball Diplomacy”.

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