Former Sports Minister Wants Longer Prison Sentence for Cheating at Gambling

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UK might change its policies on cheating at gambling, by increasing the maximum prison sentence from two to ten years.

A new proposal calls for changes to current British gambling laws, to increase the penalty for cheating at gambling. Until now, the crime was punishable by up to two years in prison. The new legislation would increase the sentence to up to ten years.

The bill is sponsored by former sports minister Lord Moynihan and it also applies to players who cheat at sports betting and on online poker sites in the UK. The amendments propose that everyone engaging in cheating, encouraging it or offering to do it, or even concealing it from the authorities be sent to jail.

To avoid any confusion, the bill clearly defines terms such as “encouraging” and “engaging in” cheating, “obtaining a financial advantage”, “relevant authority” and “relevant information”.

Clear rules to prevent unlawful conduct

With recent match-fixing scandals, countries are beginning to tighten their laws against cheating. Nevada’s gambling authority has recently announced a partnership with the organizers of the Olympics to help fight cheating.

The state of New Jersey took measures to regulate the sports betting market, by allowing casinos to accept wagers on National Collegiate Athletic Association games. Authorities consider that establishing a clear framework for gambling helps prevent illegal activities.

Australia also punishes match-fixing by imprisonment, with sentences reaching up to ten years.

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