Four AK-47 Armed Robbers Completely Loot Casino-2000 In Luxemburg

In what witnesses call a 'scene straight out of a Hollywood movie’; four heavily armed brazen robbers looted Casino 2000 in the

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In what witnesses call a ‘scene straight out of a Hollywood movie’; four heavily armed brazen robbers looted Casino 2000 in the peaceful suburb of Bad Mandorf in Luxembourg on March 5, 2011. Casino-2000 is the only casino permitted within the country under Luxembourg gambling laws. Luxembourg is a tiny country wedged between France and Germany, that’s most famous for secure banks and the corporate home of Skype and EBay.

The country’s still recovering from the shock it experienced; a national trauma that will be long remembered throughout its history. The German language speaking citizens will remember this day and describe it to their children and grandchildren when the days of legal internet gambling will finally spread throughout the world.

At 2 in the morning, Casino 2000 was packed with over 800 players, enjoying their holiday trip or unwinding from a hard day’s work, counting money at one of the multitude of local banks. Suddenly a woman’s scream pierced the air, and as if a pause button was pressed on a DVD movie, the entire casino came to a halt.

With their backs to the main entrance, stood four men dressed in black clothing and wearing ski-masks. Each of the four men was aiming an AK-47 machine gun towards the large crowds of gamblers. Unlike other machines guns, the AK-47 can be recognized by its distinct shape all over the world, and with 800 witnesses there was no chance of a mistake.

Witnesses described the incident as a plot of a typical American crime novel or movie, which nobody could imagine was unfolding right in front of them in sleepy Luxemburg.

Upon entry, according to gambling news sources, the four robbers began to yell while shooting at the ceiling, screaming in heavy accented German for the patrons to lie down on their stomachs on the floor. Two of the masked bandits produced sledge hammers which they had tied behind their backs, and began to smash the bulletproof glass surrounding the cashier cage.

Once the glass quickly gave way, the entire casinos deposit was taken, and two safes were opened. The robbers began to methodically loot every single casino table game to be found inside.

The entire robbery took less than six minutes according to witnesses. During this time, the robbers smash a few security guard and casino gamblers with the stock of the Kalashnikov machine gun to instill discipline or for refusing to follow orders. After the robbers bags were overflowing with casino chips, cash and jewelry, the robbers took two employees as hostages and began to slowly walk outside of the casino.

The hostages were used as human shields, despite a lack of any police presence outside, or resistance inside, and let go once the robbers saw they have a clean getaway. The gang jumped into a new BMW 3 series and immediately fled as fast as the car would go.

The casino security forces instantly notified police in Luxembourg and within neighboring countries once the robbers were out of visual range. Roadblocks were erected and the car was shortly seen by French police heading south on Tionvielle Highway, but could not be caught. .

Initial estimates believe that 3-5 million Euros were stolen during the robbery but the figure may reach as high as 7 million Euros.

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