Bad Luck For German Slot Gamblers As Politicians Debate Restrictions

Further stringent requirements for slot machines are planned by German local state governments, decreasing maximum allowed winnings and restricting time of play

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According to the source close to the government, German local states want to impose drastic conditions for amusement arcades and pubs with gaming machines. The sixteen German provincial governments demand the Federal government to place nine specific limitations on slot machines. Ministers are soon to meet in Berlin to discuss the changes in German gambling laws and the best ways to implement the limitations.

Online casinos are not allowed to operate within Germany by law, yet people are free to try their luck in many gaming parlors throughout the country. Some of the proposed changed include limiting players’ maximum allowed daily winnings to €300 from the current €500; and no more than €48 may be lost by each player per hour compared to the current limit of €80 per hour; and the length of time between each game (time before machine will allow player to insert a new coin) should increase to 15 – 20 seconds instead of current five seconds.

Stricter breaks after an hour of play and technical security measures on the devices for the protection of minors will be imposed. Drug Commissioner of the Federal Government, Mechthild Dyckmans, proposed a ban on all gambling machines in pubs. The aim of the new requirements is to “build self-discipline, character and minimize the chance of becoming a gambling addict”, Dyckmas said. The Drug Commissioner compared slot machine players to ‘crazed cocaine smokers in a fit of violent insanity who are not compatible with progress toward a bright German future.’

The casino industry criticized all the proposals as a move towards prohibition which historically has never worked. The casino industry released the following response to the proposed legislation – ‘The provinces want to protect their own lotteries, sports betting and casinos from competition. 80,000 slots have already been removed to prevent illegal gambling. In addition, prices of €22.50 per hour of play had been halved to almost €11. This move only doubled the total number of players. The total revenue of the vending industry has increased by 25 percent within eight years. Lotto revenues during the same period fell by 18 percent and land-based casino revenue by 44 percent.’

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