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France vs Moldova Betting Predictions: Your Safest Choices to Win Money

  • French football team leads the best betting odds
  • The Blues are among the leaders in Group H
  • Moldova should try hard to outplay its rivals
France vs Moldova Betting Predictions World Cup Winners 2018 Russia
After winning the World Cup, the French could win Euro 2020 as well… Image source: [CC BY 4.0] / Wikimedia Commons

2020 European Championship takes its break. The next matchday of the Qualifying group stage will take place on November 14, so there’s plenty of time to learn the most accurate forecasts. Among others, the France vs Moldova betting predictions is about to earn profit for you thanks to the most reliable tips.

Experts from online sportsbooks in France predict The Blues to win the upcoming match with Moldova and top Group H, where the country shares the leadership with Turkey:

  • Turkey – 19 pt
  • France – 19 pt
  • Iceland – 15 pt
  • Albania – 12 pt
  • Andorra – 3 pt
  • Moldova – 3 pt

France vs Moldova betting predictions on the winner

The national football team from France predictably leads the best odds on its victory. One of the main Euro 2020 favorites is about to win the match against Moldova due to a number of reasons.

France are the top favourites to win Euro 2020:

Firstly, the French are in worldwide’s top 3 of the strongest national football teams according to FIFA. They are the reigning champions of the 2018 World Cup and silver medal winner at Euro 2016. Following 2020 European championship predictions, France is the most likely to win its third title next year. At the same time, Moldova hasn’t succeeded in qualifying for any European championship since it got independence in 1996.

France vs Moldova Betting Predictions
This team. Not bad. Image source: Кирилл Венедиктов / Wikipedia

If these reasons are not enough to bet on France at its match against Moldova, call back to the standings. The French share 19 points with Turkey in Group H, despite being at a disadvantage by a goal difference. However, France vs Moldova betting predictions still point on The Blues to win with a record-low odds of 1.02 at 1xBet Sportsbook.

A tie is possible by France vs Moldova betting predictions

Undoubtedly, there is a number of Moldova football team supporters that would like to bet on their favorite. In this case, the safest betting option would be a draw between two rivals (31.00). The possibility to end the match between France and Moldova with an equal score is higher than the one on their victory. The odds of 84.00 prove that Moldova could hardly outplay their rivals, however, everything is possible at the European championship.

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