Free Online Bingo for Real Money? Here’s How!


Posted: October 12, 2016

Updated: October 12, 2016

Are you a beginner bingo player? Try the game without spending money, and see if it’s your cup of tea. Here’s a list of trustworthy sites where you can play free bingo for real money.

1. BingoHall – Free Practice Bingo

Bingo Hall is a longstanding internet bingo site with more than 2 million active members. They’re just as enthusiastic about building the community as playing the game. Bingo Hall has numerous online bingo rooms open, including a Nickels bingo room and a Quarter bingo room, which are both perfect for players who’d like to progress before going for the big fish or engaging in bingo tournaments.

  • Card cost: $0,00
  • Prize: $0,50
  • Jackpot: $0,00

Even before taking a virtual seat in the mentioned inexpensive bingo rooms, you have the option to play Practice Bingo for real money. Actually, the free online bingo room is among the most popular ones at Bingo Hall.

2. CyberBingo – Bingo Freeroll

If you know anything about online bingo, CyberBingo should sound familiar. This internet bingo site was established in 1996 and ever since it’s a staple with numerous great offers, fresh look, and quirky animations. CyberBingo is also well-prepared with bingo rooms; there’s something for every player. Once a member, you can be sure to find seasonal and holiday bingo rooms and other specialties.

  • Card cost: $0,00
  • Prize: $10×3
  • Jackpot: progressive

Let’s get down to business! CyberBingo’s free online bingo room can be found under ‘Bingo Freeroll.’ It’s open every day from 1:00PM until 11:00PM (EDT), providing no deposit bingo for prizes adding up to $30.

3. Bingo Sky – (another) Bingo Freeroll

Bingo Sky shares has many similarities with CyberBingo, however, it has its own base of loyal players and its own style. Inspired by the blue sky, the site’s theme will immediately cheer you up. But there’re many things at Bingo Sky that will raise your mood, such as daily and weekly bingo tourneys.

  • Card cost: $0,00
  • Prize: $6×3
  • Jackpot: progressive

The free online bingo room of Bingo Sky was also named ‘Bingo Freeroll’. However, there are some differences to that of CyberBingo. First of all, the room is open every day between 6:00PM and 4:00AM (BST). Second, the prizes are a bit lower, still, Bingo Sky is a worth a try!

+ bgo Bingo – Extra Bingo

“The best things in life are free,” says bgo Bingo. Bet £10 on bingo and mini games before 8pm each, and gain access to the FREE Extra Bingo room to grab your share of the £100 prize pool!

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