From Cabaret to Tigers: The Biggest and Best Vegas Shows of All Time

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Las Vegas has hosted some of the most famous shows in the history of entertainment and casino managers struggle to keep that tradition alive.

From Elvis, Tom Jones and Prince to Celine Dion, Shania Twain and Britney Spears, Las Vegas has always offered some of the world’s best shows. Whether you’re looking for concerts, cabarets, Broadway shows, magic acts or comedy shows, Vegas has it all.

Legalizing online gambling sites in the US might be the hottest topic in the industry at the moment, but any gambler will agree that playing a virtual casino does not compare to the unique experience Vegas has to offer. The casino city has seen more than half of a century of great entertainment, hosting world-famous shows that drew millions of tourists.

While some of them are already considered to be legendary shows, others have just started to earn their place in the written history of Sin City. Surely, all of these titles will be forever linked to the name “Las Vegas”.

Siegfried and Roy – The famous duo left Germany to follow the American dream and managed to get their own headlining magic act at The Mirage, in Las Vegas. Siegfried and Roy were discovered by Steve Wynn and their show ran from 1990 until 2003, when Roy was bitten by a 7-year-old white tiger named Montecore. The incident happened during a show, in front of a numerous audience.

It was a slow and tough recovery for Roy, but the pair staged a new performance with Montecore in 2009. They eventually retired from show business in 2010.

Liberace – Władziu Valentino Liberace, the legendary singer and piano player, has a very important place in the history of Las Vegas. Before Elvis, Siegfried and Roy, Prince and Britney Spears, Liberace was the most popular performer in Sin City.

Over the years, Cirque du Soleil has put on several shows in Las Vegas:

• Mystère
• O
• Zumanity
• Kà
• Love
• Criss Angel Believe
• Viva Elvis
• Zarkana
• Michael Jackson: One

He was the perfect star, flashing his diamond rings and wearing handcrafted suits and capes decorated with jewels. Always making a grand entrance and exist, this master of performance earned every penny of his weekly $50,000 income through talent and hard work.

The Rat Pack -While all members of the Rat Pack were famous individually, seeing Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford together was something completely different. Some of the richest and most famous people came to the Copa Room to see the group’s funny shows and this contributed to the fame and success of Las Vegas.

But let’s move on to shows that you can still catch when you’re in Vegas:

David Copperfield – When talking about magic acts, one cannot leave out David Copperfield. The famous illusionist made the Statue of Liberty disappear, flew around the Grand Canyon and even walked through the Great Chinese Wall! No wonder he managed to sell more tickets than any other entertainer in history. The American performer still puts on 15 shows every week at MGM.

Cirque du Soleil – The Bellagio might have one of the best American poker rooms, but it’s also hosts amazing acrobatic shows by Canadian circus and entertainment company Cirque du Soleil. Since 1998, “O” has been one of the city’s most popular shows. The water-themed production features synchronized swimming in a 1.5 million-gallon pool, as well as aerial and ground acts.

The company puts on several shows at famous casino resorts in Vegas. The most popular ones are “Love”, a theatrical production combining Beatles songs and artistic performances, “Kà”, a lavish production that cost $165 million to develop, and “Michael Jackson: One”, a show introduced in 2013 and dedicated to the famous pop artist.

X Burlesque – A more modern show, X Burlesque certainly fits the image of Sin City perfectly. Las Vegas is the preferred destination for bachelors and this provocative cabaret is meant to create the right setting for a night out with the boys. The show features contemporary music, videos, props and beautiful girls in sexy outfits. It is widely advertised as the most erotic show on the Vegas Strip.

Penn & Teller – Without being flashy or spectacular, the Pen and Teller show still manages to be one of the best acts on the Vegas Strip. The duo is funny and smart, reminding the public of Houdini and Randi. Their “talent” is exposing mediums, psychics and other groups of so-called professionals who specialize in scamming people.

Blue Man Group – Last, but not least, meet the Blue Man Group. Prepare yourself for a lot of laughter and expect to see precisely what their name says: a group of men who paint their bodies blue. Apart from this little detail, though, the performers will surprise you with their unique style, unpredictability and creativeness.

Even though the era of Liberace, Elvis and the Rat Pack has passed, modern times have their own special appeal. One thing you can safely bet on is that shows in Las Vegas have always been designed to meet the highest expectations.

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