Full Year Growth for Betsson following Successful Fourth Quarter

Betsson gambling company

following a successful quarter in the online gambling industry, Betsson reports growth of 23% from the same time last year.

Reports from EU Gambling news cite a 23% rise in revenue for Betsson, a leading provider of online gambling products and games. In addition to the achievement is a full year operating income, which saw an increase from SEK 601.1 million in 2013 to SEK 821.2 million as at 2014. Pre tax income also increased from SEK 596.2 million to SEK 814.8 million.

As pertains the net income, there was growth from SEK 562 million to SEK 770.7 million which marked at per share rate stood at SEK 16.92, a rise from 2013’s SEK 12.98 per share rate. The period betwen October to December’s performance was determinant for the full year growth: during which the company’ s quarterly revenue stood at an impressive SEK 814.7 million.

Betsson steps up to Nasdaq Stockholm’s Large Cap list

According to online gambling news in Sweden, Betsson’s President and Chief Operating Officer Magnus Silfverberg also commented on the success. „Thanks to the long-term strategy with multiple brands and a common technical platform, Betsson has been able to deliver a higher growth than the market and the highest margin amongst listed competitors over several years,“ Silfverberg said.

He noted the company’s strategic positioning for new regulations in key markets and current technological trends, secifically mobile solutions. The company stepped up to Nasdaq Stockholm’s Large Cap list, another leap for the first pure internet company.

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