Super Middleweight Gains A Dane Worth Wagering On

WBO match between Abraham and Smith

The move up to Super Middleweight for Patrick Nielsen is a big step but it is one nearly everyone feels he’s ready for, but will that confidence be borne out in the ring?

Much of the boxing world’s eyes have begun swivel towards the Berlin O2 Arena as the hype kicks off to publicize the return Super Middleweight bout between Arthur Abraham and Paul Smith on the 21st of February. This rematch follows their September fight in which Arthur squeezed a win out on points against Paul and thus a successful defense of his WBO title, a result Smith will be looking to overturn when they hit the ring in Berlin.

Of course on the night Abraham will be fighting in front of a home crowd in an arena that he’s fought in twice before, both times beating his opponents (Jermain Taylor in 2009 and Robert Stieglitz in 2012) which mean he’s undefeated in this particular ring. Given that neat little statistical piece of pressure, and indeed their previous result, the fact that ComeOn! Sportsbook is offering just 4.20 on Smith managing to grab the win, and 1.23 on Abraham successfully defending his title won’t surprise anyone.

Danish Boxer Moves Up
• Patrick Nielsen advances to the Super Middleweight Division
• Nordic Fight Night on 21st March 2015
• “I want to be the best.” says fighter

Smith, however, is undaunted, if only because the points decision in Kiel was controversial, to say the least, and he feels he did enough to deserve a victory. “I’m not going into this fight hoping and believing I can beat him,” Smith said of their rematch, “because I know I can. Although the [first] fight was a loss on my record I feel I pushed him close and I won the fight. I feel like I’ve proved myself as a world champion already.” Which may be true, but he’ll still have to prove in on the 21st.

Despite this title bout being the center of attention, the Super Middle Weight calendar doesn’t end there and this year will see some great bouts and fabulous fight nights around the world, not least of which will be the Nordic Fight Night in Copenhagen on the 14th of March where quite a few people are gambling news of Patrick Nielsen’s return to the ring will attract a huge crowd to see him move up to the Super Middleweight division bringing with him his record of 23 wins, 1 loss and 11 knockouts.

Nielsen Moves Up To 168lbs In Copenhagen

“I’ve been fighting at the middleweight limit for five years, I’m only 23 years old, so it’s nature that during this time my body is going to grow and develop.” said the Danish boxing star, “It has been getting more and more difficult for me to make the weight. In my last two fights in particular, I struggled. I was left feeling drained and wasn’t able to perform as well as I know I can.” A sentiment which was echoed by his coach.


“This is the right decision at the right time for Patrick,” agreed Joey Gamache, twice world champion himself, “I think at Super Middleweight we are going to see his true potential. Has has had to drop a lot of weight going into fights in the past and that has affected his performances. At super middleweight he’s going to be fresher. Everything is going to be better, his strength, endurance and resistance.”

“He’s not meant to be a middleweight.” The experienced coach continued, “His younger brother Micki is a cruiserweight, so that tells you something about his family genetics. He’s been fighting at that weight for five years and he is not a skinny eighteen-year-old kid anymore. He’s matured and developed so it’s been a struggle for him to make the weight since I started working with him.”

“At super middleweight it going to be a different story.” Nielsen promised enthusiastically, “I’m going to be able to bring a lot more power and lot more excitement. I feel stronger already. There are some massive fights out there for me and I’m ready to mix it with the top guys in the division. I want to be the best, and to be the best I must beat the best.” Whether he can or not remains to be seen but he’s definitely going to be one to watch.

Ballerup Super Arena To Host Nordic Fight Night

“He’s not a small guy,” Gamache points out for those who like to bet on sport in Denmark, “and with his size, height and reach he’s more suited to super middleweight. It’s something we have talked about for a while now. We sat down as a team and decided the time is right to make the move up now. It will allow us to be more aggressive in the ring. He is going to be able to carry a lot more power at super middleweight and that is going to trouble a lot of his opponents.”

Nordic Fight in Ballerup Super Arena

And doubtless there will be more than a few willing to wager a krone or two on the big man from Albertslund and his southpaw stance when he slips into the ring at the Ballerup Super Arena in wonderful, wonderful, Copenhagen despite his opponent be as yet unnamed by the promoters. Whomever does step up to fight this latest addition to the super middleweight division they’re likely to face a fresh, determined Nielsen who has everything to prove.

“The move up in weight is going to benefit Patrick massively,” said promoter Nisse Sauerland, “I believe we are going to see a completely different fight in the ring on March 14th. More weight means more power, and with more power comes more excitement. This is a big step for Patrick. The super middleweight division is one of the strongest in the world. There are some great fighters and great fights out there, Patrick is going to be part of this.”

Danish gambling laws allow for online gambling so hitting ComeOn! Sportsbook nearer the date to grab some of the best odds you’ll find online will be an absolute must for boxing fans across the region.

“The Ballerup Super Arena is a fantastic venue and will provide a great setting for the Nordic Fight Night,” Sauerland enthuses happily. “As always we will bring fans and action-packed show featuring the very best of Scandinavian boxing.” Making this definitely not a night to miss.

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