Illegal Thai Gambling Police Raids Sparked By Jilted Cop?

Illegal Thai casinos are experiencing recent busts as police pays money for information to street girls and other hustlers.​

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According to Thai gambling news, Bangkok is a city of prostitutes, gogo bars, illegal casinos, and more brothels than stars in the sky. A girl walking alone after dark is more likely a street walker looking for a customer than a student dressed in a tiny miniskirt returning home from a late class

The draconian Thai gambling laws strictly prohibit all forms of sports betting, bingo, poker and casino games (with the only exception being the Thai lottery and government controlled betting events). That however does not stop the gambling loving population from playing at a number of illegal Thai casinos which are mostly protected by high level police officers.

Recently, the police busted several underground casinos and are now even offering rewards of as much as 20,000 Baht ($700) for information that leads to arrest and conviction of owners of gambling establishment. Its a huge sum for the ”street people” who already know where illegal entertainment of all sorts , including casinos, are located.

It’s been rumored that the latest casino crack-down is happening because a high ranking Thai police official was insulted by a casino prostitute who only serviced Japanese clients and who refused to apologize. This of course leads to the very heart of the problem. Who are police supposed to arrest when the owners and patrons of these illegal establishments are often their commanding officers.

For those gamblers are opting to gamble there is always a short trip to Cambodia and of course the wide variety of foreign based online casinos in Thailand. Many reputable foreign-based gambling businesses as well as Thai mobile casinos offer a wide variety of games ranging from online slots, poker, blackjack, baccarat, craps, and roulette among others.

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