The Future of Esports in China Foresees 40% Market Growth

Tencent, China’s biggest investment company, has published a report on the 26th of June 2018 forecasting the future of esports in China. By the year 2020, a 40% market growth is predicted. So how will this affect the esports industry and related parties?

Future of eSports in China

The Esports’ Report By Tencent

Tencent forecasted that it would take merely 3 years to gain a 40% increase of esports in China. According to Tencent, there will be 350 million esports users in 2020 when compared to 250 million users in 2017. If this is the case, the country will be leading the esports market with 59% of the world users coming from Mainland China.

The most important aspect of the market growth is in the projected revenue of $1.5 billion per year. It would be 10 times more than the revenue recorded now at $104 million; with which China is still second to USA by $150 million.

Chinese Government Invests in Esports

Although the Chinese government is worried about gaming addiction, it sees more opportunities resulting from supporting esports in China. As recent as 2016, Chinese officials started to see the global competitiveness of China in the esports industry.

According to online gambling news site in China, even the local governments have invested in creating esports towns. One example is Zhongxian County which provided the necessary real estate and support to open an esports centre. Zhongxian is snatching the opportunity to develop its county and hoping that esports would attract tourists, businesses and expansion.

Watching Esports in China

History has been made in China with the most watched spectators of esports in the past couple of years. The highest number was 10 billion viewers! It’s a given that some of these people will not only watch, but also bet on esports in China. Despite the fact that they have to get around internet gambling laws in China, a few sites do offer bets for Chinese people. If you are interested in esports, you might want to read our article on the best esports betting sites available!

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