Future Sports Betting Markets – The Possible Future of Betting

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  • Future Sports Betting Markets
Future Sports Betting Markets

The future sports betting markets are holding many possibilities. Online sportsbook sites in the US are already offering more than just sports betting. You can bet on anything. Politics, and entertainment such as who will be the next wife of Bill Gates. But it is not only the topics and categories that can expand. Platforms can become integrated into other platforms, to change the layout of the website we regularly visit. Are you wondering how it felt like to gather around the colosseum of ancient Rome and secretly bet on gladiators? This might become a possibility with the advancement of VR and AR technology. Let’s check out the future sports betting markets.

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The Future Sports Betting Markets

As we already mentioned, there are just so many things betting can affect. It is a misconception that technology is the one to affect other markets. Other markets are in demand for technology. While we can not physically travel back in time, or ahead in the future. We will be able to augment realities within the virtual space, to resemble what we desire to be a time travel. Just imagine, recreating famous horses such as Kincsem and making them race the virtual clones of today’s famous horses. Or perhaps we could replicate celebrities with the help of A.I.- and ring their digital avatars together in virtual boxing rings. Not to mention other advances. We have smartwatches, and they are already capable of betting. But what if we create devices unlike any other we knew, just to place bets?

Virtual and Augmented Reality Betting

You already have an idea how virtual betting may look like. According to 3Drific, full dive VR is coming. Not tomorrow, but in a few years we will wake up to the announcement of its reality. Full dive VR means, it is paralyzing your body, while it is simulating the physics of reality for your brain, while you are placed inside of virtual reality. There are incredible discoveries, such as learning how to use wings. With this technology, you can easily relive the greatest sports matches of history. And thanks to how robots and A.I. can work, the outcome of these matches might change. You will also have holograms for daily use. This means you can not only play at a real poker table, but you can project the stadium to your living room.

Live Betting On Streaming Platforms

Disney and BetMGM have partnered up to create an elevated sports betting experience. This begs the question: Why wouldn’t Twitch and Youtube do the same? Imagine a built-in panel for these websites, in which you can play live betting on your favorite streamer. For Twitch, we can imagine an esport player playing a casual match. The viewers could use a twitch plug-in to create wagers, and place bets on them.

Future Sports Betting Markets
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Twitch and the streamer take 10-10% share, and the rest is divided between the winners of the bets. For Youtube, we can imagine things such as unskippable videos. Without the option to skip to certain minutes, viewers could place bets on what will happen in the video, using a built-in platform. And these are not just hypothetical features.

Player Centered Betting In Future Sports Betting Markets

The categories mentioned above can be mixed to create a whole new category. Since most computers are capable of streaming basic applications, it wouldn’t be surprising if you could create bets on yourself, while playing video games, for example. Let’s say you play a classic such as Crash Bandicoot. You log in to any sportsbook websites that introduced this new feature of stream-betting. You turn your stream on and tell the viewers “I will collect 90 apples in under two minutes in this map.” Viewers may decide to put money on your failure. If your success is confirmed, you win the money. But if you fail your challenge, you lose. There is no doubt that challenges will sooner or later become implemented in online sports betting. Just imagine winning cash by completing a challenge of 150 push-ups. It would surely encourage going to the gym.

Virtual Betting Assistant

This is not far away from reality as it is. You can already use Amazon’s Alexa to make betting easier. By simple vocal commands, you can make your digital assistant do the betting for you. However, imagine virtual betting assistants on a whole new level. A hologram projectile, who can enter intelligent conversations. You are about to place a bet. They analyze the available betting predictions and warn you that it is not a great idea.

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If we reach this level of technology, digital assistants are going to become less of a life quality improvement, and more of an investment. You will not have to worry about spending hours on research. These assistants will do the job for you. It is profitable for everyone. According to ZDNet, virtual assistants are the future.

Legalization of Betting

Connecting the contracts and partnerships between different platforms and mediums, you can see a chain diagram of betting possibilities. For example, according to the statistics of Bloomberg, Disney and BETMGM partnered up to create sports betting. They both partnered up with sportsbooks, and they also created their own. Agree to advertise on these platforms. With this, a connecting chain of betting availability has been made.

Future Sports Betting Markets
Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons

And this chain is so solid, it is going to demand legalization. Soon every platform will have built-in betting possibilities. Statistics are clearly stating that people are still having a hug\zx]=e demand for placing bets, despite law regulations. With the help of cryptocurrencies, there might be a day when all sportsbooks are going to be available worldwide, with no regional restrictions.

Jump in Now – Future Sports Betting Markets

If we are considering these improvements soon. Then we are recommending you get used to sports betting earlier. That way, you will not become overwhelmed with the amount of information that comes with technology. If this article made you want to bet on sports. Visit Bovada Sportsbook. They are offering top-quality betting for all available sports at the moment. Will you try to introduce this site to Alexa?

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